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Directed by David Fincher and stars Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, and Helena Bonham Carter, Fight Club is an adaptation of the novel “Fight Club” written by Chuck Palahnuik. There is one thing that can be said about fight club, either you will really love it or you will really hate it. There is just no middle path about it.

I for one liked the movie. The movie has everything in it to make it a cult film. “An average men lives a life of quiet desperation”, Fight Club not only brings out that desperation but twists it, shows a form of vent and provides you with a hell of a climax. The film has great one liners :
“The first rule of fight club is do not talk about fight club”
“Self improvement is masturbation”
“We just lost cabin pressure”

“Man, I see in fight club the strongest and smartest men who’ve ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see squandering. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables; slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off. ”

“Now, a question of etiquette – as I pass, do I give you the ass or the crotch? ”

and a host of others. The narration is where the movie really scores. The direction and performances are sterling to say the least.
The film is not just a story but a way of life, a philosophy in making. The philosophy is anti consumerism , and advocates a nihilistic approach.
Norton plays the role of an average guy stuck in cubicle and an insomniac. He was so screwed up that he becomes addicted to support groups and this is where he met Helena, who also was a faker. There is no way out for him till he met Brad Pitt and his life changed forever. He moves in with him and started the life that Brad Pitt (Tyler) was living. Brad Pitt has really interesting theories about life and it amuses and contradicts everything we believe in but makes a point too. Fight Club was formed as a result of pent up frustration and no way to get it out. Slowly but certainly the number of members in fight club starts increasing and in time it was opened in a couple of places. The film concludes with “Project Mayhem” and a dramatic end.
Watch the movie once for you may really like it or you will really hate me for recommending it to you.

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Death of Indian Democracy

Guest post by Dilip Namboodiri.

Mandir toh ban jaayega
Par Ram kahaan se laoge?
Uss masjid ki deewaron ko
Kya pak kabhi kar paoge?
Jis chaukat pe log jale
Ram wahaan na jaayenge
Jin galiyon mein khoon gira
Bhagwaan kya reh paayenge?

Sept 30th 2010 was the second death of Indian democracy!(the first in
1992 when the masjid was demolished).The people who hail the verdict
are either ignorant to fundamental Indian ethos like equality and
secularism or blind to humn logic.

Having lived most of my life in Goa i know that many beautiful
churches in Goa built by the Portugese were built by destruction of
mosques or temples.This happened about 500 years ago,about the same
time that the Babri Masjid was built.If we would go by whims of
fundamentalist Hindus, every second religious structure that belong to
the minorities would be wiped off from India.But this is not the
case.So whats different aout the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya?…..But of
course it is the birthplace of LORD RAM!! (according to the court

How on earth can a court of law give a verdict on a matter of
faith??Aren’t courts supposed to adhere to something called

As i read i come across another discrepancy.The verdict clearly states
that no temple was destroyed and the 12th century temple was in utter
ruins when the mosque was built above it.It then claims that Lord Ram
was born exactly below the dome of the former babri mosque.Now a
temple lies in ruins for more than 200 years.On what kind of evidence
have you deciphered that Lord Ram was born exactly where the dome was
situated?(if at all Lord Ram was born there which in itself is based
only on faith).Records clearly state that the hall and the inner
courtyard were always used by the Muslims for namaaz and the outer
courtyard was used by Hindus.One fine day,in the wee hours of 12th
December,1949, the idol is taken and placed under the central dome of
the mosque and from that day onwards the place under the central dome
is Ram Janmbhoomi.And on September 30th 2010 the court agrees to
it.That’s when ugly turned into ridiculous.Lord Ram,for me,was born on
the 12th of December 1949 exactly below the central dome where a
Masjid once existed.Well,in that sense,i guess the court has got it
spot on.

Now lets forget the verdict.Let’s assume 2 facts .Lord Ram was born in
Ayodhya exactly where the mosque was built and that the mosque was
built by destroying the temple Is that reason to tear down a 500 year
old mosque to shambles and build a temple in place?(My answer is No
but if yours is Yes then i have one more question for you).If a
revered Muslim saint was found to have been born at a place where a
present day temple exists(hypothetically of course)would the Hindus
give away the temple and allow a mosque to be built?The answer,i’m
sure,is a unanimous NO.Then Why the inconsistency?Where’s
equality?Where’s secularism?

Even after the demolition and subsequent rioting,there was an
incorrigible optimist in me that had faith in the Indian democracy
hoping that atleast the judiciary would not disappoint.Alas it has!And
the optimist is dead!

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Crush3- The Proposal

Read Crush 1 and Crush 2 for better grasp.

I was in love with her and there was no doubt about it. I was doubtful of her feeling for there is no way to know what goes on in a girl’s head. Wimp that I am I postponed proposing her. I was afraid of rejection and hence did not take the plunge.
Shreya like most girls was intuitive. I am sure she knew how I feel and she did nothing to lessen the agonizing pain. I sometimes feel she is enjoying my squirming.
Just then the phone rang
Shreya-“Hey what do you think about the dinner tonight?”
“Planning to have it”
“With me”
“I am kool with that”- I tried to sound casual but that undue emphasis on kool gave me away I think
“Lets go someplace nice”- She suggested
“CCD. McD are nice places don’t you think”
“Yes that are but chalo leave it. You meet me at 8 pm and I will decide the venue”-She said taking control..
“Okays . I have no issue”
At sharp 8 pm, I was ready and waiting for her. She reached by 8:30. Whay are they always late I was wondering to myself. Anyways our dinner as planned by her was about to start.
So as per her plan we went to someplace nice. The nice place was a formal restaurant and to say the truth I felt out of place. I am accustomed to dhabas and chaiwallas but this seemed like a place where I may need to use fork and knife to eat. That never goes well with me.
We started talking about normal things, mundane things of our life. She bought yet another “pair of shoes”. I think she says that everytime I meet her. The bitching about her girl friend and I was pretty sure tomorrow morning she will tell her about the outing we were having tonight. But its all fun so long as she is the one speaking it for I am struck by her beauty. Tonight especially she was dressed to kill.
“So when are you going to do it?”
“Do what”
“Propose me. I hope you are planning to do that and I am not wasting time with you”
Startled, I composed myself and came up with an answer of which I will be proud all my life
Hmmm. What am I saying? Say something better. It was like my mind was freezed and I sat there like an utter and total moron.
Kindly she intervened-“Lets make it formal. Would you like to enter into a relation with me?”
She made it sound like a business proposal.
I was stunned for this is not how I imagined it would go. It was all wrong. For starters, I was not proposing her but she was proposing me. I am not a sexist but there are certain domains which should be left to man only. Secondly it was not at all romantic. And I am a romantic at heart. I am the kind who see Notting Hill every alternative week.
By the end of the dinner I was slightly disoriented and in a relationship.
“So what does formal exactly mean?” I asked her when I finally was in my senses.
“It means you can change your facebook status from single to in a relationship. It also means I can call you sweetheart in public rather than in my head”
“You call me that in your head” I was genuinely surprised
“Of course I do Sweetheart.” My heart skipped a beat.
“It was a great day, memorable one”
“I cannot agree more. It certainly was memorable except the part where you surprised me and I mumbled like a retard.”
“That you did.”
“So does being formal means I will get a good night kiss.”
“Noooo. Why do boys always think of sex?”
“Sex!!I was talking about kiss.”
“You know one thing leads to another. Anyway not until you surprise me.”
“Surprise you??”
“Yes with a proposal. What do you think, is this the proposal, the great how I got proposed story, I will be telling my friends?”
“Well i will surprise you.” And with that I dropped her home and walked back to campus.
It was all surreal.

Remaining parts coming soon..

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Crush 2 -in love


Read the first part to get a better hold here

Days passed and I started getting closer to Shreya with every passing moment. We use to have lunch together, sit together and sometime study together (Well she use to study and I use to see her). At lunch, I will spend my time seeing her nibbling at chappati. I was embarrassed thinking of the way how I eat food that is like an animal she on the other hand was picture of elegance.

image courtesy

image courtesy

We use to talk a lot well generally she use to talk and I use to listen. All the time I can feel jealous eyes on me, trying to figure what I did right to be in the company of Shreya.

I could listen to her for eternity. The mundane details, the bitching (Oh yes she does that a lot.). I have lost the count of times when she mesmerized me. It seems when I am with her, I lose the track of time. I was in altogether different world. The way she giggled, that squeaky little noise she made, would made my heart tremor so much so that I was afraid she might actually listen my heart beat.

I wanted to hold her hand, place my arm over her shoulder but never could gather the courage. It was all surreal. I was afraid that someday I will wake up from this dream and rue the fact that I woke up.

I was with her the whole day; if not physically than I was thinking about her and when not thinking about her I was singing songs for her (though not in her presence). I was in love and it seemed like all the love songs were written for us.

thinking about her

I wanted to hold her hand and take a walk on a solitary beach. I wanted to have dinner with her on the terrace under the moonlight. I finally thought I would have to propose her but there was this minor hiccup.

I do not have inkling how she feels about me and the fact scares me to death for there us chance that I might ruin this but it was not possible for me to contain my feelings any longer.

Read the next part here

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Day Dreaming

Lost in Thoughts

Lost in Thoughts

Does it ever happen that you sit to study and hours passed and yet you study nothing? Damn, Daydreaming . Some say daydreaming is good and increase productivity but for me, I am constantly lost in my dreams. So this time around, I thought of figuring out the reason why I dream so much. The answer was simple and did not take much time.

I day dream cause its fun and a nice escape from the mundane details of life. Since I am not bound my thoughts go crazy and achieve lofty heights. I have had some really wacky day dreams.

Some of my wackiest day dreams are

1.Mahatma Gandhi taking on Britishers, Bhagat Singh style. Imagine Mahatma taking offense at someone and beating the crap out of him with that stick of his. I know its wrong to think that way about him but the urge is just too strong.

2. Attending class wearing nothing. Absolutely nothing and just sitting in the class trying to listen to the prof. Don’t know how such a thing entered my mind but it did. And I spent an hour thinking about that dream..Some really productive thoughts.

3.Reaching my workplace in a sports car, opening the door in style and walking out of it wearing tight fit T shirt and jeans to die for. Girls are gawking at me but again this is never going to come true.

Confused what to do!!

Confused what to do!!

Some dreams just confuse me, for example one day I was thinking that if I were to have superpowers what would it be? Believe me I was totally confused. Do I want to be a man of steel like Superman or may be ability to read minds, or keeping a vigil on the city during nights or something altogether different like Sylar (Heroes Fame). I am still confused about this though.

Not all my dreams are wacky, some are good too. For example

1. I also dream of a prosperous India and a world without fear and poverty. No I am not going for Miss India oops Mr India contest (by the way I do not know what Mr India people say cause I have never seen it). This however is one of my dreams that I will be working for.

2. This one is in relation to CWG. Well in one of the classes I was dreaming about taking charge of the project and like a savior organized it so flawlessly that Beijing Olympics seemed unorganized 😛

But most of this is wishful thinking and sooner or later I will snap out of it but till then I am enjoying it. So if you encounter someone walking on the streets of Delhi lost in thoughts, chances are you have encountered me..

Comment to tell your wackiest dreams..and the good ones too…

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It all started in the 7th semester in NIT Jalandhar- my alma mater. We were waiting for companies to come in our campus and everyone seems worried coz of the recession. None turned up till November when 2 companies which were the leaders in the CV sector came – The TATAs and ASHLEY. I tried my luck in TATA, but failed. So I was waiting for some other company. We are industrial engineers of NIT Jalandhar, so we didn’t expect much. Any company is fine. But then ASHLEY came and it was the first time in my entire college life that I studied. After clearing through the written tests in PEC, Chandigarh, we went for the interview in Gurgaon. We were all excited seeing the first glance of the corporate office of Ashley. Soon interviews took place and the next 10 days were the happiest of my life. I got selected. After that, we totally enjoyed our last sem in college tension free, and finally joined the company on 5th July.
Coming to Management Development Centre, Hosur (Management Development Centre) was the first obstacle. Nobody knew Hindi or didn’t use it. One guy literally said in Hindi “Muzhe hindi nahi aati” Somehow after lots of efforts, time and money spent, we arrived.
Management Development Centre was a cool place – 4 acres with fully built hostels for GET’s and Executives, Basketball courts, Volleyball court, table tennis, a small Gym, Carom etc. & a green campus. Hosur has an excellent weather. We were on the 7th heaven. GETs of ASHOK LEYLAND – The second best after TATA, and within a year we were going to be deputy managers directly. I never expected this being a low grade student of industrial engineering with 6 point CGPA in NIT Jalandhar. (I still cant figure out why I was selected)
After completing all the formalities of bond etc,. on the first day we had a major shock in the evening. Tomorrow 5:30 am – PT – Major Said. By the way Major is Major Swamy. Management Development Centre is managed by two army personnel – the Brigadier LM Malhotra & Major Swamy. So next day, waking up was the most difficult part but we realized an even difficult thing then. Only 6 bathrooms & toilets for 60 people & we have to be ready in 30 minutes. Somehow we managed and after that we went for PT. After all that was our first lesson in managing.
PT meant running 3 rounds of 500 m track at 6:00 am in the morning. After that, we compulsorily had to play games – volleyball or basketball. Many opted for TT & carom being the least exhaustive. After 40 min of games & PT we had to attain 8 hrs of classes. Initially the classes were fun like the corporate, email and dinning etiquettes. But as we spent 5-6 days, the classes began, were core automobile concepts were taught to us by Mr. Balan Sir. The most exciting 68 yr old bugger. In his 10 days of classes, we learnt many new sentences apart from automobile. Bugger, Bullshit, I will kick your ass, to name a few. Those were the most exciting 10 days in my life.
As days passed, PT & getting up at 5:30 am etc became usual for us but boring. Then suddenly one day rope climbing & balancing came along. Most of the guys did it except 7-8 who were fat buggers, then came the factory visits. There were 2 factories in Hosur & we were to visit them every alternate day when the automobile classes by Mr. Balan continued. Managing all the activities including PT, visits, evening games etc. became very exhaustive & there was hardly any energy left at the end of the day. The Management Development Centre guys took care of that too by providing good food – Most of the North Indians hated it but what do you expect them to make – fishwadas (for Bengali buggers)
After 20 days of training in Management Development Centre, Hosur, we were sent to Chennai. We were totally happy with the facilities there too – Comfortable buses, 3 star hotel. Seems this is how they treat GETs before kicking their ass. We had visits to their Product Development & RND facilities, Corporate Building were all the senior management interacted with us.
Chennai is the place where we got our first salary. I remember the day clearly. It was raining & Axis Bank ATM was about 200 m from the hotel. As soon as we received a call, all of us ran to the ATM as to who would see his account first in the heavy rain. We were totally satisfied. Had a feeling of responsibility for the first time.
Then we visited the ennore plant where I drived my first vehicle – An AL TRUCK.
Finally after the ennore trip, we have come back to Hosur, fully satisfied with the company culture, the training, the facilities, the faculty as a whole. We made friends, interacted with seniors, dozed off in like a 100 presentations.
I am sure to enjoy this training & cheer it for the rest of my life. Cheers to Ashley. Ha!!! We just came out with our Batch Name too:

The AL Mighty

This is a guest post by my batchmate in college and now an employee of Ashok Leyland- Ravi Pimperkar.

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Today is Independence Day and this day would be no different than the 364 other days in the year. There is hype surrounding it for a plain reason that we become independent today. This day marks the end of colonial rule over the subcontinent. There has always been debate surrounding Independence Day celebration. Should we show our military might on this day? Should we show case our new found strength in the field of IT and services? Also there are some who would question the whole exercise? They may be right too.
India as a nation has failed to provide to its citizen. The dreams that were weaved 63 years before do not seem to be turning into reality. The poverty is there and so is unemployment. No considerable progress has been made in the field of agriculture, true that the output has increased significantly but we are well below the potential. Monsoons and famines remain a regular feature that determines the direction of economy.
Add to these problems there are some more now. Some are serious and others are sporadic in nature but they remain problems nonetheless.
Calls for Azadi in Kashmir have got shriller. There have been utter disappointment and Indian State is frowned upon in Kashmir. Kashmir is not alone for there are same feelings in parts of North East India but those states do not matter and hence can be ignored. Maoists have gained prominence in many districts of India and runs parallel government. They collect tax, make their own laws and even enforce them. They may be present in hinterland of India but the reclamation of those territories would be herculean task for the Government of India. Inflation is at an all time high and is eating away the savings of common people. CWG is rife with charges of corruption.
These problems do make me ask”Have we lost somewhere?”
The answer is an emphatic no.
Though we may have been slow and sometimes utterly incompetent but it does not mean that we have lost the way. The spirit of democracy and fairness remains in most hearts today and will continue to remain. We have faced challenges, some really formidable challenges to reach this stage. We have survived an emergency, couple of wars and the future looks rosy from here.
And even if the future looks bleak remember this is the day when we won the right to walk with our heads held high, The day when we won the right to our self esteem, The day which would one day lead to greatness and we will continue to strive for that and settle for nothing less than that. There can be no reason not to celebrate this day and remember this day with pride..

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Shahrukh Khan-The Entrepreneur


Shahrukh Khan is a household name in India and is popular among Indian Diaspora abroad too. He is the CEO of Red Chillies Entertainment. He is one person who has correctly figured that he is not in the movie business but in the entertainment industry. Over the years Shahrukh Khan has changed from being nobody from Delhi to a person whose personal wealth amasses Rs 1500 making him the richest film actor in India(source:Business World). This was made possible because he never stuck to film industry alone.

An actor’s shelf life is limited and his making big in the film industry depends how his movies fare every Friday. You have to be consistent for a long period of time before you can reach a certain standing. Shahrukh having done that, diversified to make himself a brand. He entered into movie production with Red Chillies entertainment. He could be seen hosting events and even dancing at weddings and birthdays. Of course he charges heftily for that. His 40 min appearance alone can cost you around Rs 5 crore and he charges Rs 12 crore per film for which he work around the year. Also when IPL was started, Red Chillies Entertainment was quick to seize the opportunity and brought Kolkata Knight Riders for a sum of Rs 295 crores. Although the team has not performed well in the three seasons of IPL but it has posted profit in all the three years and going by the sum for which new teams were bought (Rs 1700 crores for Pune and Rs 1500 crores for Kochi), the price that KKR will fetch is anybody’s guess.

The realization that cricket comes under the bracket of entertainment industry helped him make a foray in the market. Apart from that he has hosted shows on T.V.

Red Chillies Entertainment is one of the companies that encompasses virtually all the entertainment sector in India. The revenue posted by Red Chillies Entertainment in the financial year 2008-2009 was Rs 73 crores. A break up of the company is given below
Red Chillies Films- This division is responsible for the production of the film. Main Hoon Na, Om Shanti Om were produced under the Red Chillies banner.
Red Chillies Idiot Box- This division produces and co produces television serials. Seeing the explosive growth of the TV industry this may be the division minting money for the company in the future.
Red Chillies VFX-It deals with Post Production and special effects segment.
Red Chillies TVC-This division is responsible for making ads and the client list includes the likes of Hero Honda, Pepsi, ICICI, Hyundai etc
Kolkata Knight Riders-This is an IPL team which participates in the IPL tournament. Though the team has not performed well, it however has posted in the three seasons of the game.
The entire gamut of entertainment is included in the various divisions of Red Chillies and the market for animation and special effects is set to grow in India making Red Chillies VFX promising. Also the fact that Kolkata Knight Riders was brought in the first season for Rs 295 crores speak about the opportunities of growth. Considering the fact that Kochi and Pune teams were bought at around Rs 1500 and Rs 1700 crores respectively, the valuation for KKR increases significantly.
The goal for Red Chillies TVC is to churn out 100 commercials per year from 40-45 commercials that it produces annually.
As a whole, Red Chillies Entertainment future seems promising for the simple fact that they have not only invested in movies (which could have been their strong domain considering that Shahrukh features in the films), it has diversified in the TV serial segment, ad industry, special effects and last but not the least cricket. This speaks about identifying your business domain correctly and broadly.

I hope to see Shahrukh making strides in the Industry and be as successful as he his with his film career.

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Gone with the Wind


Set in the backdrop of civil war, the novel is not about civil war but of the people who lived during that time. The novel deals with Scarlett O Hara and her relation with Rhett Butler, Ashley Wilkes and Melanie Wilkes.
The book presented a lot of challenges before I started it. When I first saw the book , I thought that it will take a hell lot of time to finish it. When I divided the task of completing the book into smaller tasks it became comparatively simpler. The book was 800 pages and forty pages a day will complete it in mere 20 days and hence the book can be completed within vacation time only and with two hours a day effort. The problem of time was solved, next was the problem of content. The backdrop of the book is civil war in America and though I like reading about wars but I have read war and peace (the characters were developed stunningly and loved it) but the war description there wore me out, for it was an alien geography to me and hence I was not able to visualize it. I was afraid the same should not happen again. Finally I started the novel and I have reached the point in novel where war is over and there was not much of war description so that way I found it pleasant. The characters are well sketched though they do not really sound like real life people to me as in they are extremes and have not really encountered the likes of them and could not connect to anyone of them. For e.g. I fail to understand the fuss about Rhett Butler because he is projected as an all knowing scallawag. Or maybe I am plain jealous of him for he could predict future, read minds (which he frequently did with Scarlett), was fiercely independent and courageous.
Scarlett O’Hara is an amusing character and though her actions during the desperate times can be understood but her actions during pleasant times is beyond me. Like for e.g. when Ashley turned her down, what on earth propelled her to marry Charles right away for I was turned down when I was 15 and even in that adolescence I do not run off to propose another girl. The concerned girl in my case wrote she hate me in every slam book she could get hold off (Heaven knows what I did to her to be at the receiving end of such rage) and Scarlett on the other hand could have taken comfort in the fact that the man did love her. Well of course mine is a different story altogether because Scarlett seem to get every man she want, I have a knack to repulse female company so much so that I am planning to write a book titled “What not to do in female company”. This book will be an autobiography of sorts but more about it later.
The character that really catches the eye is Melanie Wilkes and though her part is subdued and she may not seem like the heroine but she is courageous, intelligent, beautiful and most importantly compassionate. The style of writing is great too, the vivid description of the cities and Tara, Twelve Oaks, Atlanta etc makes it easier to understand and picture. The book though large seems to fall short of characters as there are only 3 or 4 main characters and the rest are playing unimportant roles. The events however are worthy of praise like the description of General Johnston retreat and the criticism that he faced from the public who knew little of war. It is the kind of treatment that we give to our cricketers after every series they lose be it the 20-20 world cup or a trivial tri series. Another analogy that comes to my mind is Naxal violence. People, who have never set foot on rural ground and have been ensconced in their comfortable city life, all of a sudden become experts. People with no experience whatsoever start to plan out strategies to counter naxalism while our inexperienced and foolish commanders get licked by the tribals!
Another incident that stands out is the love that Scarlett develops for Tara which her father predicts. Tara became a sanctuary of sorts for her, a place where she can turn to in case of any difficulty or trouble and derive strength to face the world. This is one book that you must read, though you might be intimidated by the size of it but believe me the juice is worth the squeeze.

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My first week in DMS IITD

I will always remember the date 26th July. This was the day when all of a sudden out of blue moon, I got a mail saying I have been offered a seat in DMS, IIT Delhi. I have been expecting my waitlist to clear in NITIE but not in DMS and hence it was a pleasant surprise. In fact I was so happy that I had to ask a friend of mine to recheck it and confirm it for me. After that I just withdrew my application from the current institute and headed off to IIT Delhi pleased that I have made it to IIT, though may be I am four years late.
Since I got my offer letter a little late, that means technically I have spent only one week as of now in DMS. The first week has been interesting as I was swamped with things to do. Academics aside, my first priority was to get myself a room allotted. This is one process which is tedious and you have to navigate through the maze of bureaucratic machinery to find a place to stay. I will attend classes and immediately run to the main building to request for a room. It was a big campus and I had no idea where to go to get my work done. There have been times when I was exasperated, there have been times when I was plain angry with the system.
Apart from finding myself a room, I had to apply for committees and complete the Pre Joining assignments and there were things to complete which were covered in the class. All of this had to be done when in fact I did not have a room to live and unpack my stuff. Like I said before I was exasperated.
Then there were people in the class. They have made friends in the orientation week and the one week that they have lived here. I did not know any of them and the place was alien to me. I was apprehensive whether I will fit in or not.
But then this is I guess what people call multitasking. You have to juggle between your priorities and complete all of them to the best of your ability. Also you have to find time so that you can pursue your interests too. Things have started to fall in place and the place does not seem alien anymore. I have made new friends, friends that will stay here with me for the next two years and hopefully for the life. Now when I stand in the DMS building, I am not apprehensive of fitting in but I am hopeful for my future, I can see a future full of possibilities and I look forward to embrace it.

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