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Good Old College Days…

I envy all you people who are out enjoying or partying today. Why ? Because i am not one of you. I am just stuck in the hostel all alone in the winter vacation.This is undoubtedly one of the worst holidays of my life.

As i am sitting here cursing my life for a number of things i cannot help thinking about the good days too. This post is just a recollection of one of those incidents that happened to us when we were in first year. No it is not about ragging. Our college was ultra strict about ragging and so no ragging ever took place inside college campus.

The incident goes something like this:

Our college is situated near the highway and so there are lot of dhabas nearby. It was a common practice among students to jump the wall and go for dinner late at night. While taking this short cut we had to travel through some farm fields before we can reach dhabas and the farmers were angry with students over the fact that some of us would smoke and throw the cigarette in their fields.

One of these nights when we friends were having our normal dinner some of us got drunk and become a little more unruly(which always happen when people drink). Now seniors also use to come to this place and they took offense to juniors behaving in this manner in front of them(like they have set some high standards and they can tell people about behavior when one of them was puking his heart out) and they objected. Needless to say they were drunk too and this led to a brawl between the two groups and we were threatened  ki “aayoge toh college hi na dekh lenge”. I dont know if you knoe this but after you are sufficiently drunk you do things which you should never do not when you are in first year and so one of us said “Dekh lenge tum kya karte ho” (threateninga senior-cardinal sin). But not all of us were drunk and so in view of the above threat we thought it would be prudent if we go a little late and let them leave in case they are waiting for us. So we waited and got pretty late by the time we reached the wall and to our utter surprise we found the seniors waiting there. They easily outnumbered us and that would mean that we were going to get thrashed so instead we went into the fields to search some other way.

As already mentioned some of us were drunk and it was difficult to get them to shut up and this soon woke up the farmers and we heard some curses from the fields and some farmers were visible with their sticks. Swear  to God we were shit scared. If they catch us then the thrashing we would have got from our seniors would have been like partying. Scared out of our wits we ran and finding no way out we started climbing the tall fences only but their was no place to land on the side of college and atop the walls we were easy to spot. Now there were seniors and farmers, could never forget that day. We literally run for our lives and ran on the wall only till we find a decent place to jump inside college. Seniors might find us and spare us but farmers wont.

Thankfully we managed to reach hostel only with some bruises and scratches. It seems funny now that how scared we were but that time i was surprised none of us wet his pants.

Oh will miss these college days for sure.


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Aha! Its that time of the year.

2001-las-vegas-new-years-eve-2001-lvcva-03_0001Its 31 st dec today.  Its time for resolutions, its time for merry making and get into some serious partying. Some of us will get hopelessly drunk (oops! that was my plan), some other will spend the day with their other half and some with family.

Its the time of the year when people reflect about the year gone by and the year that is to come.We all contemplate over the things that we have done and mistakes that we have committed and how we wish that things would have been different? It is also the time when we look upon the brighter side of life. We may be thankful that we have got a job or getting one, some of us are plain happy to finally get out of college and some are expecting to get into one. All in all a time for introspection and come up with resolutions that will make us a better man.

So i was thinking and made some resolutions of my own.

1. Give up drinking. Will drink only one last time today and then its bye bye forever.

2. Give up laziness. Will start taking control of life and stop procrastinating things.

3. Will pay more attention to my career which at the moment is in doldrums.

4. Give up smoking too. It is not doing any good to me.

This much for now. As i completed the list of resolutions i re read it just to make sure that i have not left anything out and i realised this is the same exact of resolutions which i made last year and i know that worked out. So i decided that i will add one more

5. This time i will follow and implement my resolutions.

oopsy! that was there last year too.

Chuck it yaar! life is good the way it is.

Happy new year.cny-fireworks11

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Climate Change. How serious is it?

Copenhagen, Copenhagen and Copenhagen is all that i have heard in recent days. Since i knew nothing about the topic i thought may be i should try and find something out about this climate change and all the fuss it is creating. The first article that i read gave me some wonderful insight.Now this article was not at all like the other articles which predict that if climate change is not arrested then that would mean the annihilation of mankind from the Universe. True it says that we may have to face some hardships but to say that climate change is responsible for all the natural calamities is far fetched.

Now like all of you i too wanted to refute the claim and call them just another bunch of naysayers who would open his eyes and see the reality but there was a problem. This guy was a nobel prize winner and hence his account must mean something,should not it?

To my surprise i found out that the dire predictions of climate change is not unanimous among climate change scientists. Patrick Michaels and John Cristy are just two names who claim that the fears are greatly exaggerated. Not only this they also accused the IPCC(International Panel on Climate Change) of censoring their views and making it hard for their papers to be published in the journals. They claim that those who have not toed the official line have been shown the door. According to Michaels, the warm temperature that we are experiencing now had been there in the past too. In the period around 1100 AD was the medieval warm period and then there was a little ice age in the period from 16th to 19th century. Not only this he also says that IPCC has manipulated the climate change datas and now according to them no such medieval period exists.Well if this is true then it surely does seem that all the hoarse cries about climate change is hollow and the fact that IPCC is trying to censor something sure gives me the feeling that something is wrong. Dont know for sure but it was nice knowing or hearing the argument of the other side for once.

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Tweet-a discomfort

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The Contest

Ever since I came to know that in interviews IIM people ask you about your graduation course, I was thinking cat call or no cat call have to study in advance or else if the opportunity comes knocking I will merely squander it. And so one fine day after much deliberation I decided to study, bloody there is no escaping the tiny electrons even finally when I thought the engineering process is all over and the last semester is just a formality.

So on the decided day I took out the syllabus and pondered where to start from, there are just too many subjects. Should I go for DSP or 8085 or EDC or go for communication subjects. Finally settled for the basics and thought that must go with EDC but the entire process of contemplating drained me of my energy and I was done for the day.

It has been three days now and every morning starts with an intense stare contest with the book, the first to blink loose. Needless to say I have lost three times and the book is still untouched on my table. But today it feels different and am hoping today is the day when I finally start. Am all set for the stare contest. Wish me luck…

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Celebration of the ugly.

We all remember the aplomb with which Hrithik carried his role in dhoom 2 and not to be left behind was Aamir Khan when he made Ghajini. Media went gaga over the six pecks, the bulging biceps and the devil may care attitude and hence even Ghajini(which was a mediocre movie) went on to become the biggest hit of all time in terms of revenue. While the desi audience was celebrating the rise of the perfectly sculpted heroes and zero figure heroines the videshi janta has entered a yet unexplored genre. The celebration of the ugly which was demonstrated by shrek and most recently by avataar.

In shrek the actor turns down once in a life time opportunity to become a handsome prince and settles for an ogre and the beautiful princess well as it turned out was not a princess but an ugly ogre. Similarly in avataar the humans are the villains and you would be hooting for the new avataar they donned. Quite the opposite of what we have seen or heard so far.

Seems like we have entered a new phase in our understanding and vanity was given thumbs down for a change. It is still early days to really say that we have accepted us with all our imperfections but it cannot be denied that it was a refreshing change for once.

Comments if any are invited.

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I was reading through one of the numerous articles on TG when i start to think how is it TG attracts about one lakh members on this forum. The answer is obvious that this is one of the best site for MBA preparation but i felt that there was more to it than just good concepts and articles. I could have find these questions from some other coaching institute’s manuals too but time and again i flock to this site for help. The more i thought about it the more it became clear.

I come to this site not because of its content (I do that too) but because what TG represents. He is not just an excellent teacher but he manages to instill confidence in you. He makes you feel that you can clear cat and that it is not of reach unlike many of my teachers who are more scared of cat than i am. He teaches if you believe in dreams then have the balls to follow it and make it come true no matter how much hard work it takes.. This is manifested in the stunning success of this site. And  to say that all this was without difficulty would be an insult to him because we all know he had gone through his share of hardships. The unwavering dedication that he brings on the table is something which makes me work hard, the thread on GD/PI is a case in point.

Now i may clear cat or i may but  I sure want to express my gratitude to you TG and Dagny mam for this initiative of yours.

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