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I was reading through one of the numerous articles on TG when i start to think how is it TG attracts about one lakh members on this forum. The answer is obvious that this is one of the best site for MBA preparation but i felt that there was more to it than just good concepts and articles. I could have find these questions from some other coaching institute’s manuals too but time and again i flock to this site for help. The more i thought about it the more it became clear.

I come to this site not because of its content (I do that too) but because what TG represents. He is not just an excellent teacher but he manages to instill confidence in you. He makes you feel that you can clear cat and that it is not of reach unlike many of my teachers who are more scared of cat than i am. He teaches if you believe in dreams then have the balls to follow it and make it come true no matter how much hard work it takes.. This is manifested in the stunning success of this site. And  to say that all this was without difficulty would be an insult to him because we all know he had gone through his share of hardships. The unwavering dedication that he brings on the table is something which makes me work hard, the thread on GD/PI is a case in point.

Now i may clear cat or i may but  I sure want to express my gratitude to you TG and Dagny mam for this initiative of yours.


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2 Responses

  1. loserreturns says:

    3 cheers for our beloved mentors…luvvvvvvvv them:)

  2. shikha goyal says:

    God knows who would have motivated us till the end if not tg and dagny…thanks a lot for your support..

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