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Celebration of the ugly.

We all remember the aplomb with which Hrithik carried his role in dhoom 2 and not to be left behind was Aamir Khan when he made Ghajini. Media went gaga over the six pecks, the bulging biceps and the devil may care attitude and hence even Ghajini(which was a mediocre movie) went on to become the biggest hit of all time in terms of revenue. While the desi audience was celebrating the rise of the perfectly sculpted heroes and zero figure heroines the videshi janta has entered a yet unexplored genre. The celebration of the ugly which was demonstrated by shrek and most recently by avataar.

In shrek the actor turns down once in a life time opportunity to become a handsome prince and settles for an ogre and the beautiful princess well as it turned out was not a princess but an ugly ogre. Similarly in avataar the humans are the villains and you would be hooting for the new avataar they donned. Quite the opposite of what we have seen or heard so far.

Seems like we have entered a new phase in our understanding and vanity was given thumbs down for a change. It is still early days to really say that we have accepted us with all our imperfections but it cannot be denied that it was a refreshing change for once.

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  1. Hey, Love the post! Keep it up, I will definatley be coming back soon!! =)

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