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Ever since I came to know that in interviews IIM people ask you about your graduation course, I was thinking cat call or no cat call have to study in advance or else if the opportunity comes knocking I will merely squander it. And so one fine day after much deliberation I decided to study, bloody there is no escaping the tiny electrons even finally when I thought the engineering process is all over and the last semester is just a formality.

So on the decided day I took out the syllabus and pondered where to start from, there are just too many subjects. Should I go for DSP or 8085 or EDC or go for communication subjects. Finally settled for the basics and thought that must go with EDC but the entire process of contemplating drained me of my energy and I was done for the day.

It has been three days now and every morning starts with an intense stare contest with the book, the first to blink loose. Needless to say I have lost three times and the book is still untouched on my table. But today it feels different and am hoping today is the day when I finally start. Am all set for the stare contest. Wish me luck…


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