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Tweet-a discomfort

As i was browsing through the paper today i read a piece in which it was reported that Shashi Tharoor has again used a tweet to criticize a government policy. Needless to point out that it was followed by severe rebuke by many ministers and especially by his senior Krishna who went on to say that this is not how government is run but it is run by deciding policies within the four walls of minister’s building. Something felt wrong about his statement. Why cant the rationale behind a policy be discussed in the open? Why is anyone not allowed to question that? India is still a democracy as i remember and tharoor certainly was not leaking some confidential report in the open.

If this is not the way then what is? Why the need to concentrate all the powers in your hand? We have already seen time and again what that can do, a recent example is Ruchika’s case in which the charge of abetment to suicide was dropped only because the person in question was influential.

Now i have always felt that tweet or blog or whatever is a good medium to connect with the masses(of course not many people follow it but its still better than no contact at all). But the politician it seems are determined that tharoor stops tweeting or the people will start expecting the same from other politicians in which case they might have to improve, something which they are determined not to do.

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  1. 360degree says:

    A valid point but then Mr.Tharoor is from the inside too.All he does is keep blabbering and get the masses all drooling over him.If he thinks it is like that, why shouldn he do something about it rather then tweeting bout it.

    It is very easy to criticize, we do it all the time.But, then when he has the access to the right areas, why not ensure he gets things done.

    But, then thats my opinion.I initially used to like the way he tweets, but it seems he has overdone it and overhyped himself.

    • jaaliengineer says:

      Thats true but he is bringing the debate in public domain so thats always a good thing and lets hope in time he will start making more meaningful contributions but if he stops tweeting then toh its obviously a loss.

  2. sachin kabra says:

    mr. Shashi who has the blood of a critics, blaming n criticizing was his bread. one day he decide to stop that n do practically something, something substantial n not just to twitt…he gets into the politics n wins….he is no more just a parrot to twitt…n i was wondering now i wont be able read him…his blogs were so full of anger against the system….n has some passion to change the system….i thought days will change…but look at the irony….our parrot could not do anything within so called system….he is in hands of high command….so he thought at least keep tweeting n continue to make people aware….n now he is even asked to stop twitting n forget changing the system……what u will call such a democracy…!! where u cant do what u wish to do….we need to change this bro….we need to…AAL IS NOT WELL HERE….AAL IS NOT WELL…!!!!

    • jaaliengineer says:

      Well certainly all is not well here but we can continue hoping for some good. May be with time things will change. And of course we have to have faith in democracy as it is the only viable form of government.

  3. bazinga says:

    I WAS a big fan of Mr Shashi Tharoor. But the fact of the matter is, twitter been more of a playing to the galleries opportunity for him rather than being a responsible elected representative.
    Consider a home. Any arguments, fights and tiffs that take place within the house are expected to be kept within the house itself. It is not as if Mr Tharoor was kept out of the loop when the whole VISA policy was framed. Being MoS for EA, he was obviously one of those who had a role in the policy making. We don’t know what happened inside those closed doors and whether Mr Tharoor opposed the policy when it was framed. But because it was decided by the consensus of the whole family ( i.e. the govt here ), the least that is expected of you is not to wash the dirty linen in public. Mr Tharoor may have gained a few thousand more followers with his sensationalist remarks, but am sorry to say that he has lost the respect of a few people like me forever.

    • jaaliengineer says:

      @ Bazinga
      Yes you made me see a different side of the story, thanks for that. In btw today he had a meeting with Krishna which went excellent so i am guessing they are all on the same page now.

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