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Aha! Its that time of the year.

2001-las-vegas-new-years-eve-2001-lvcva-03_0001Its 31 st dec today.  Its time for resolutions, its time for merry making and get into some serious partying. Some of us will get hopelessly drunk (oops! that was my plan), some other will spend the day with their other half and some with family.

Its the time of the year when people reflect about the year gone by and the year that is to come.We all contemplate over the things that we have done and mistakes that we have committed and how we wish that things would have been different? It is also the time when we look upon the brighter side of life. We may be thankful that we have got a job or getting one, some of us are plain happy to finally get out of college and some are expecting to get into one. All in all a time for introspection and come up with resolutions that will make us a better man.

So i was thinking and made some resolutions of my own.

1. Give up drinking. Will drink only one last time today and then its bye bye forever.

2. Give up laziness. Will start taking control of life and stop procrastinating things.

3. Will pay more attention to my career which at the moment is in doldrums.

4. Give up smoking too. It is not doing any good to me.

This much for now. As i completed the list of resolutions i re read it just to make sure that i have not left anything out and i realised this is the same exact of resolutions which i made last year and i know that worked out. So i decided that i will add one more

5. This time i will follow and implement my resolutions.

oopsy! that was there last year too.

Chuck it yaar! life is good the way it is.

Happy new year.cny-fireworks11


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4 Responses

  1. shikha goyal says:

    Ya true it happens every year but this year i am planning not to waste time on thinking too, lets celebrate life itself.

  2. loserreturns says:

    Hey Dheearj…The title post of your’s is exactly the same i have started the post

    ANd mine is also about resolutions!!

    Your blog came before mine so plz dont sue me for copyright issues…I swear i didnt copy pasted 🙂

    Nice post BTW

    • jaaliengineer says:

      @Lover boy
      I was about to sue you only but am letting you go and trusting your words that you did not copy paste and plus you are fellow gadha so that much liberty is anyways is it not?

  3. loserreturns says:

    Hehehe..surely it is 😀

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