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Climate Change. How serious is it?

Copenhagen, Copenhagen and Copenhagen is all that i have heard in recent days. Since i knew nothing about the topic i thought may be i should try and find something out about this climate change and all the fuss it is creating. The first article that i read gave me some wonderful insight.Now this article was not at all like the other articles which predict that if climate change is not arrested then that would mean the annihilation of mankind from the Universe. True it says that we may have to face some hardships but to say that climate change is responsible for all the natural calamities is far fetched.

Now like all of you i too wanted to refute the claim and call them just another bunch of naysayers who would open his eyes and see the reality but there was a problem. This guy was a nobel prize winner and hence his account must mean something,should not it?

To my surprise i found out that the dire predictions of climate change is not unanimous among climate change scientists. Patrick Michaels and John Cristy are just two names who claim that the fears are greatly exaggerated. Not only this they also accused the IPCC(International Panel on Climate Change) of censoring their views and making it hard for their papers to be published in the journals. They claim that those who have not toed the official line have been shown the door. According to Michaels, the warm temperature that we are experiencing now had been there in the past too. In the period around 1100 AD was the medieval warm period and then there was a little ice age in the period from 16th to 19th century. Not only this he also says that IPCC has manipulated the climate change datas and now according to them no such medieval period exists.Well if this is true then it surely does seem that all the hoarse cries about climate change is hollow and the fact that IPCC is trying to censor something sure gives me the feeling that something is wrong. Dont know for sure but it was nice knowing or hearing the argument of the other side for once.


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