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Sherlock Holmes Revisited

Sherlock Holmes is an important passage in almost everyone’s life while growing up. Like they say every boy is a Sherlock Holmes sometime in their life. I was one during my HS and developed deducing powers of my own to some disastrous deductions, none of which i am afraid to say came true.

Recently i watched the movie and i had a nostalgic feeling about it. As in I remembered the days when i use to read them like crazy the adventures, the iron clad logic and finally the deduction that were so perfect so i decided to give it another try(my being sherlock holmes:)) and why not? i am older now, more mature and wiser:P)

The only thing left was a subject and this is when i found one, my teacher. The class was as usual boring, i had nothing else to do so and as i sat there understanding nothing at all and pretending that i am understanding everything, i thought might as well sharpen my mind and put to test some theories of my own….Here is how i went about doing this…

1) Observation-She has no idea what she is teaching.

Deduction-She was not a good student and yet she managed to become a teacher. So if nothing works out in my life(which i am afraid to admit is a real possibility now) i can become a teacher too. Also she is not from a very good college and she knows nobody here is listening so i am guessing she is an alumni of our college only.

2)Observation-She wears action shoes with salwar suits.

Deduction-She has no fashion sense whatsoever that means she does not have a boy friend too and that would mean she is lonely and sad and so i cannot expect good marks in this subject too(like i care). Considering the fact that she is from Punjab i am guessing she is waiting for someone from Canada to make a proposal and take her away(its a dream here if you do not know that..Either females are killed in the womb or they dream of making it to Canada pronounced as Kaneda).

3)Observation-Her sweater.

Deduction- This is a sweater that no one in her right mind would wear. So i am guessing there was either very (and i mean really heavy)  sale on it (and even then you cannot help but admire her courage  for it) or it was part of a dare game. Another explanation is and this is a long shot,it was gifted to her by someone who really hated her guts but as i said this is a long shot and i would put my money on sale thing.

Mam(shouts)-you(pointing at me) why are you hiding?

Me-(like a deer in the headlights look up and try to look as innocent as i possibly can)

Mam-ok tell me what am i teaching?what is the class about?

Me-(chuckled inside )she seriously thought i could answer that and i acted like i was recollecting my thought while the whole class looked at me and then after a minute but  what seemed like an hour i managed-“huh”.

Mam-(with resigned look on her face)What is the name of the subject?

Me-“Communications”(bingo nailed it).

Mam-Its Advanced Communication Systems.(getting all worked up).

Me-(OOhh…its advanced…)

Get out…you are good for nothing…And there went my one attendance and 30 minutes of my life all for nothing.

Guys i have narrated the episode and here is my deduction tell me if i am wrong.

Deduction-She really liked a cool handsome guy in college who i am guessing was cruel to her and she is taking that out on me.

Meanwhile playing sherlock Holmes costed me an attendance in the class.

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How Dream Shatters??

How does it feel when your dream shatter? You can find that out.Its simple.Follow the following steps..


2. Follow the link to view XAT results 2010

3. Punch in your XAT id.

4. There it is…the remnants of what would have been your happiest moments…You are not selected for the group process and not only that they are sorry to inform us that and they also know that this performance does not reflect our potential…

Now I am just being irrational, taking it out on people who i dont know and who are at no fault whatsoever. But had to get the feeling out of me somehow. And to read these lines time and again when you put so much of yourself in the process makes you ask was it really worth? The thought of another year with the same level of preparation and a job to go to, where is the time left for other things. Well it also makes you ask the same question that whether you really want to go for it because you want to become a manager or it is just because there is no other option left…The most horrifying thought of all, what if you get into a b school, pass out and then realise that this is not what you wanted.. That you have no interest in finance whatsoever then?

This is just my mind playing tricks with me as i have nothing to do(no worries for GD/PI preparation).. Hope in time i will see things clearly but right now they are looking blurry.Best of luck for those who have sailed through…

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Who will look after them??

What about me?
What about me?

I have been thinking about this post for a long time now and i was afraid i would not be able to do justice to the subject and hence have not really written about it..The idea came in my mind when i went to see 3 idiots. I went to see the movie on weekend and without any advance we did not get the tickets as expected.Anyways we killed time in the mall until it was pretty late by the standards prevalent here.As we were pretty late we did not  find any convenience to return back to hostel,tired of waiting we decided to walk the entire stretch of 7 km not much but if you are walking it in the december cold then it sure means that you might freeze to death.. The wind was bone chilling and i could literally feel myself shook to the core. While we walked complaining,fretting that this was a bad idea blaming everyone else we also noticed some slums on the way…And no i am not an idealist and certainly not a big fan of the government’s proposal which intend to provide housing for all the slum dwellers…

But that night was an eye opener of sorts,the government proposal may be a handout but it seems something,it seems like that this is the right thing to do(also the fact that it would be a huge boost to the cement and manufacturing sector and thereby creating jobs in the process).The gain is not merely economic but it is as i think,the human thing to do. When i shivered and fret in that cold even though i had worn some really expensive warm clothes,what about those who could not afford it.They have been handed the short end of stick by life and so it becomes our responsibilty to help them, I am not advocating blatant and outrageous contributions but little bit from every one and that would surely amount to something.

I mean i am lucky that i have got proper education and i may do well in life but i am not brilliant or smart by any stretch of imagination but today i can write this blog,have access to net connectivity,go to a college etc etc and this are things that i consider basic but then there are people around who do not have square meals a day,basic for them would mean entirely different thing i guess…

I come from a small place and i have always complained how the quality of education in our school was below par,how brittle my foundations are and the mediocre coaching i have got not once thinking that these are the privileges that i enjoy. i mean life could have been so much worse had i been born at some chai wala’s house. I would have not have gone to school let alone college and if i had got talent then it would have buried somewhere deep. I would not have known how to write let alone a chance to maintain to one’s own blog. My dreams would have been confined to just basic necessities and that my children get education. It is in this light that i say its time we start counting  our blessings and forget about troubles. If only i dont think whats wrong with my life for an hour,i would see things that are going my way. So i decided that i would not complain bout the small things in life,and if life hands me lemon instead of fretting i would try to make it into a lemonade. I know its easier said than done but hey no harm in trying.

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Finally the exams are over, the important ones(MBA entrance exams) and the unimportant ones (read end semester
exams) and the weird thing is i miss them.Yes you heard it right i am missing exams(how pathetic does that sound?),now i may be the first one to say this and its a bold declaration to make, nonetheless its true(feel free to use any adjective,nerd is for starters and others can write their intended adjectives in the comment section but make sure TG does not kick you out…). So as i was saying,i am missing exams. The reasons are many but the first and the foremost is that it exercises my rusty brain. True exams are about cramming as much as you can in as little time as possible but in my case it is only when i have to push my cramming abilities to the limit that i begin to think clearly.

Exams are time for introspection for me. It is only during exams that i think where is my life heading to?Am i
making any real progress?and other such variations of disconcerting thoughts enter my mind.This time around i tried to document what i think.

Everybody say do the work you like and you would not have to work a day in your life..Sounds too good to be
true and people quote examples too,for eg Sachin Tendulkar,he spent 20 years playing cricket and have broke almost all the records yet the hunger for more records or more runs is evident by the way he is playing. Or say Ratan Tata, well he gave Nano to the world when he should have been retiring, i mean he is well past his retirement age and he had never done better than this,Corus Jaguar, Nano etc. Well the list of such people might go on forever so i will cut it short now.

So to know what to do with my life sounded easy,i just have to figure out what do i like doing in general and see if i can make out of it.So logically all i need now to do is to find out what i want in my life and then i would not have to work a day..Yipeeeee,problem solved or lets say it started.

Now what do i really love to do the most..No points for guessing its sleeping and i am guessing that would not really count as a profession(It would have lot more fun if it was a profession.

People would ask,hey what do you do for living

I would say-i sleep;h the pay is good…

me-But it is lot of hard work,just the other day i was working on sunday too.

people-it must be hard sleeping on sunday,

Me-it truly was but you have to work what can you do..

ok i got carried away and so will stop now…).

Coming back to the original topic,there was need for some more digging to be done.

Ok what else i am good at? watching movies..but i dont see myself becoming a critic anyways so chuck it.Next,i can become a blogger…and may be in time i will be one of those who rake in lakh a month(more day dreams…)
and as i gave more thought to it,i logged in to my account and there it was.firestats spilling water over my fire for
writing. The more i thought about writing the more firestats screamed at the pathetic traffic i am or my
blog was attracting…Ah this must be because i have not written much and that i have not marketed my blog well
enough and i went to cover up my deficiency in one field by creating another one in the other field almost instantly
Yes i am that good at that and so i thought i must start pointing fault in others but i am guessing nobody would pay for this job plus i am having this scary vision that i am tied to a pole and people stoned me to death aka Taliban style
so scared of my vision and tired of soul searching i lie in bed again thinking..

Well this is why i hate introspecting,makes you feel worthless(which i am feeling right now)and haunts you that you
were not able to name one thing in which you are truly good.
Lucky are those people who knows what they want out of life and  go on to achieve it and then there are unlucky ones who toil their way in life and then there are people like me who introspect and introspect and finding no answer to the question turn to madness(read engineering and mba) thinking that it would provide solace only to be bothered by another question

Well seems like time for more soul searching but that is post for some other time…

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Some Proverbs that you should not miss…

These are some proverbs that i came across in last few days.. No they are not about wisdom but rather challenges conventional wisdom… Read on..
1. Beauty lies in the eyes of beer holder.

2. Never marry for money,you will borrow it cheaper.
3. People in glass houses should not run around naked.
4. Crowded elevator smell different to midget.
5. Men who fight with wife all day get no piece at night.
6. Experience is a comb nature gives to men when they are bald.
7. He who smiles in a crisis has found someone to blame.
8. If at first you dont succeed parachuting is not the game for you.
9. Sex is like air ;its not important unless you are not getting any.
10.Multitasking is the art of screwing up all things at once.

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College Days

As the new sem is going to start and this being the last sem I can see the difference in attitude of my batch mates. Every year or every 6 months when we use to return from our home there use to be a dread about the college curriculum and the mess food and the fact that Profs (or nicknamed parasites) would be breathing down our neck. Very soon the race for survival will start (and some of us who were barely making it always feared that this time luck will not shine upon them)and of course there was also this fact that we would be happy to meet our friends after a long time.
This time around nobody talks about home and the syllabus but the bulk of discussion is about how four years have gone by(the answer to which is Counter Strike, Dota, Lots of movies and other unproductive things that you can think of). The discussion would start at Changra (adda for all the college students which might be easily mistaken for a bar if not for the name-“Changra tea stall”) and it would be kind of reminiscent of the fun we had and how we have managed to cram our way through 7 semesters with no noticeable improvement in us(except of course the spirit of query quelled and zeal for education taken away).

Then we would go on to plan about the trips and how we might make this last sem memorable. Shimla,Manali,Kullu,Kashmir, and almost whole of Himachal are high on the list and which we most probably wont be able to take courtesy budget restraint(damn you recession) . You can literally sense the desperation where everyone want to hold on to this time and make it stay forever.We all know what will happen to us once we get out,jobs(if you are lucky to have one),deadlines,responsibilities.

We are afraid that these college days are soon going to be over. I do not know much about engineering but i have learned some real cool stuffs in college and i am going to share that with you.
1. Trusting you friend- You can totally trust your friend to carry you safely back to hostel in case you are drunk enough not to recognise the difference between a dog and a prof and start swearing at the dog. Also a good lesson would be not to reach this stage because you tend to spill your guts out.
2.Jugaad-This might be the most important thing that you can possibly learn in college. Exams tomorrow and have not read anything no problem make cheats of the things that have been taught in class on which teacher have put emphasis and make sure (in case of emergency) that there is enough  waterworks in case you are caught, Want to take girl out to dinner and have no money,no problem steal it from your roomie’s wallet and return it when you have the money no need to tell him that,he must have done that to you hundred times.
3. GPL’s-You wont miss home on your birthdays but your friends will make sure that you regret the day you were born with endless GPL’s. The lesson never hide or move and jump too much during the process otherwise you will get much more than intended.
4. Sleep-Catching up on sleep no matter in which position you are,it might be in lectures,labs etc.
5. Girls-This might be something that most of us will connect to-Repelling the girls away. Do i need to say anymore.

6.Bladder Management-Want to pee but dont want to go to “facilities”-Go to balcony and let the stream flow that is of course its night and dark.

7. High jump-Could not reach hostel on time(who does??),jump the wall and and bribe the guard in case you are one of those who gets caught(chee..shame on you!!could not even trick the dumb guard how will you conquer the world!!!)

8. Swearing-You have not really swear if you have not done it in Punjabi style. The flow,the frequency and endless variety with which it is used here is exhilarating. Swearing is a lost art and only in punjab is it practised the way it was meant to be.

These are some of the things that i have been able to come up with. Feel free to add your experience and i will try to continue to share the experience with you.

PS-Inspired by 3 idiots, want to pee on director’s bungalow(every penny paid to him is the most blatant misuse of taxpayer’s money).

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