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College Days

As the new sem is going to start and this being the last sem I can see the difference in attitude of my batch mates. Every year or every 6 months when we use to return from our home there use to be a dread about the college curriculum and the mess food and the fact that Profs (or nicknamed parasites) would be breathing down our neck. Very soon the race for survival will start (and some of us who were barely making it always feared that this time luck will not shine upon them)and of course there was also this fact that we would be happy to meet our friends after a long time.
This time around nobody talks about home and the syllabus but the bulk of discussion is about how four years have gone by(the answer to which is Counter Strike, Dota, Lots of movies and other unproductive things that you can think of). The discussion would start at Changra (adda for all the college students which might be easily mistaken for a bar if not for the name-“Changra tea stall”) and it would be kind of reminiscent of the fun we had and how we have managed to cram our way through 7 semesters with no noticeable improvement in us(except of course the spirit of query quelled and zeal for education taken away).

Then we would go on to plan about the trips and how we might make this last sem memorable. Shimla,Manali,Kullu,Kashmir, and almost whole of Himachal are high on the list and which we most probably wont be able to take courtesy budget restraint(damn you recession) . You can literally sense the desperation where everyone want to hold on to this time and make it stay forever.We all know what will happen to us once we get out,jobs(if you are lucky to have one),deadlines,responsibilities.

We are afraid that these college days are soon going to be over. I do not know much about engineering but i have learned some real cool stuffs in college and i am going to share that with you.
1. Trusting you friend- You can totally trust your friend to carry you safely back to hostel in case you are drunk enough not to recognise the difference between a dog and a prof and start swearing at the dog. Also a good lesson would be not to reach this stage because you tend to spill your guts out.
2.Jugaad-This might be the most important thing that you can possibly learn in college. Exams tomorrow and have not read anything no problem make cheats of the things that have been taught in class on which teacher have put emphasis and make sure (in case of emergency) that there is enough  waterworks in case you are caught, Want to take girl out to dinner and have no money,no problem steal it from your roomie’s wallet and return it when you have the money no need to tell him that,he must have done that to you hundred times.
3. GPL’s-You wont miss home on your birthdays but your friends will make sure that you regret the day you were born with endless GPL’s. The lesson never hide or move and jump too much during the process otherwise you will get much more than intended.
4. Sleep-Catching up on sleep no matter in which position you are,it might be in lectures,labs etc.
5. Girls-This might be something that most of us will connect to-Repelling the girls away. Do i need to say anymore.

6.Bladder Management-Want to pee but dont want to go to “facilities”-Go to balcony and let the stream flow that is of course its night and dark.

7. High jump-Could not reach hostel on time(who does??),jump the wall and and bribe the guard in case you are one of those who gets caught(chee..shame on you!!could not even trick the dumb guard how will you conquer the world!!!)

8. Swearing-You have not really swear if you have not done it in Punjabi style. The flow,the frequency and endless variety with which it is used here is exhilarating. Swearing is a lost art and only in punjab is it practised the way it was meant to be.

These are some of the things that i have been able to come up with. Feel free to add your experience and i will try to continue to share the experience with you.

PS-Inspired by 3 idiots, want to pee on director’s bungalow(every penny paid to him is the most blatant misuse of taxpayer’s money).

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9 Responses

  1. loserreturns says:

    Each time a post about college life is made i find myself attarcete to it….I beleive my soul is somehow stilll stuck at that coffee point of my college…in that bunked class…with those oh-so-stupid-but-my-lif long friends…

    Mishh my college so much all te time and u made me all the more nostalgic…Live it Dhiraj…live it to the fullest…

    “Those were the best days of my life….”

    • jaaliengineer says:

      @lover boy
      Seems like you miss your college days…
      would love to read about it someday. Am sure u can recollect a humorous story about ur college life.

  2. loserreturns says:

    Pata nai par i feel when i will write about college its going to be emotional!!Damnit do i miss my college!!

    Lets see 🙂

  3. Ashutosh Singh says:

    You didn’t like the college, i ‘assume’. But this shouldn’t mean you should be scared if someone is missing one’s college. And yeah, i miss mine too much.

  4. jaaliengineer says:

    @Ashu- you got it wrong..What i meant was I am scared of passing out of college…Anyways nice to see you finally read the post after much pesteriing.

  5. Ok. I think you are appropriate!…

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  7. I enjoy all the comments here….

    i’m pondering about beginning my own blog. i’m asking yourself if it is hard to operate your own blog. I certainly enjoy commenting. many thanks Bloggers….

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