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Who will look after them??

What about me?
What about me?

I have been thinking about this post for a long time now and i was afraid i would not be able to do justice to the subject and hence have not really written about it..The idea came in my mind when i went to see 3 idiots. I went to see the movie on weekend and without any advance we did not get the tickets as expected.Anyways we killed time in the mall until it was pretty late by the standards prevalent here.As we were pretty late we did not  find any convenience to return back to hostel,tired of waiting we decided to walk the entire stretch of 7 km not much but if you are walking it in the december cold then it sure means that you might freeze to death.. The wind was bone chilling and i could literally feel myself shook to the core. While we walked complaining,fretting that this was a bad idea blaming everyone else we also noticed some slums on the way…And no i am not an idealist and certainly not a big fan of the government’s proposal which intend to provide housing for all the slum dwellers…

But that night was an eye opener of sorts,the government proposal may be a handout but it seems something,it seems like that this is the right thing to do(also the fact that it would be a huge boost to the cement and manufacturing sector and thereby creating jobs in the process).The gain is not merely economic but it is as i think,the human thing to do. When i shivered and fret in that cold even though i had worn some really expensive warm clothes,what about those who could not afford it.They have been handed the short end of stick by life and so it becomes our responsibilty to help them, I am not advocating blatant and outrageous contributions but little bit from every one and that would surely amount to something.

I mean i am lucky that i have got proper education and i may do well in life but i am not brilliant or smart by any stretch of imagination but today i can write this blog,have access to net connectivity,go to a college etc etc and this are things that i consider basic but then there are people around who do not have square meals a day,basic for them would mean entirely different thing i guess…

I come from a small place and i have always complained how the quality of education in our school was below par,how brittle my foundations are and the mediocre coaching i have got not once thinking that these are the privileges that i enjoy. i mean life could have been so much worse had i been born at some chai wala’s house. I would have not have gone to school let alone college and if i had got talent then it would have buried somewhere deep. I would not have known how to write let alone a chance to maintain to one’s own blog. My dreams would have been confined to just basic necessities and that my children get education. It is in this light that i say its time we start counting  our blessings and forget about troubles. If only i dont think whats wrong with my life for an hour,i would see things that are going my way. So i decided that i would not complain bout the small things in life,and if life hands me lemon instead of fretting i would try to make it into a lemonade. I know its easier said than done but hey no harm in trying.


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  1. loserreturns says:

    So true but i think the problem with us is that we see we take our lessons and then we forget and come back to our cribbing ways..Atleast that is the case with me 😦

    Will give it another try thogh 🙂

    • jaaliengineer says:

      @lover boy
      its true but my point is to consistently make an effort until we succeed like i said easier said than done but we can persevere…at least i ll try

  2. justanotherconsciousness says:

    I feel guilty whenever I am eating a burger or pizza and see such poor people.Feels as If I am committing a crime :(.Eating a 50 Rs burger for taste while such underprivileged children begging to fill their tummy.Feels horrible!

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