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Finally the exams are over, the important ones(MBA entrance exams) and the unimportant ones (read end semester
exams) and the weird thing is i miss them.Yes you heard it right i am missing exams(how pathetic does that sound?),now i may be the first one to say this and its a bold declaration to make, nonetheless its true(feel free to use any adjective,nerd is for starters and others can write their intended adjectives in the comment section but make sure TG does not kick you out…). So as i was saying,i am missing exams. The reasons are many but the first and the foremost is that it exercises my rusty brain. True exams are about cramming as much as you can in as little time as possible but in my case it is only when i have to push my cramming abilities to the limit that i begin to think clearly.

Exams are time for introspection for me. It is only during exams that i think where is my life heading to?Am i
making any real progress?and other such variations of disconcerting thoughts enter my mind.This time around i tried to document what i think.

Everybody say do the work you like and you would not have to work a day in your life..Sounds too good to be
true and people quote examples too,for eg Sachin Tendulkar,he spent 20 years playing cricket and have broke almost all the records yet the hunger for more records or more runs is evident by the way he is playing. Or say Ratan Tata, well he gave Nano to the world when he should have been retiring, i mean he is well past his retirement age and he had never done better than this,Corus Jaguar, Nano etc. Well the list of such people might go on forever so i will cut it short now.

So to know what to do with my life sounded easy,i just have to figure out what do i like doing in general and see if i can make out of it.So logically all i need now to do is to find out what i want in my life and then i would not have to work a day..Yipeeeee,problem solved or lets say it started.

Now what do i really love to do the most..No points for guessing its sleeping and i am guessing that would not really count as a profession(It would have lot more fun if it was a profession.

People would ask,hey what do you do for living

I would say-i sleep;h the pay is good…

me-But it is lot of hard work,just the other day i was working on sunday too.

people-it must be hard sleeping on sunday,

Me-it truly was but you have to work what can you do..

ok i got carried away and so will stop now…).

Coming back to the original topic,there was need for some more digging to be done.

Ok what else i am good at? watching movies..but i dont see myself becoming a critic anyways so chuck it.Next,i can become a blogger…and may be in time i will be one of those who rake in lakh a month(more day dreams…)
and as i gave more thought to it,i logged in to my account and there it was.firestats spilling water over my fire for
writing. The more i thought about writing the more firestats screamed at the pathetic traffic i am or my
blog was attracting…Ah this must be because i have not written much and that i have not marketed my blog well
enough and i went to cover up my deficiency in one field by creating another one in the other field almost instantly
Yes i am that good at that and so i thought i must start pointing fault in others but i am guessing nobody would pay for this job plus i am having this scary vision that i am tied to a pole and people stoned me to death aka Taliban style
so scared of my vision and tired of soul searching i lie in bed again thinking..

Well this is why i hate introspecting,makes you feel worthless(which i am feeling right now)and haunts you that you
were not able to name one thing in which you are truly good.
Lucky are those people who knows what they want out of life and  go on to achieve it and then there are unlucky ones who toil their way in life and then there are people like me who introspect and introspect and finding no answer to the question turn to madness(read engineering and mba) thinking that it would provide solace only to be bothered by another question

Well seems like time for more soul searching but that is post for some other time…


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