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How Dream Shatters??

How does it feel when your dream shatter? You can find that out.Its simple.Follow the following steps..


2. Follow the link to view XAT results 2010

3. Punch in your XAT id.

4. There it is…the remnants of what would have been your happiest moments…You are not selected for the group process and not only that they are sorry to inform us that and they also know that this performance does not reflect our potential…

Now I am just being irrational, taking it out on people who i dont know and who are at no fault whatsoever. But had to get the feeling out of me somehow. And to read these lines time and again when you put so much of yourself in the process makes you ask was it really worth? The thought of another year with the same level of preparation and a job to go to, where is the time left for other things. Well it also makes you ask the same question that whether you really want to go for it because you want to become a manager or it is just because there is no other option left…The most horrifying thought of all, what if you get into a b school, pass out and then realise that this is not what you wanted.. That you have no interest in finance whatsoever then?

This is just my mind playing tricks with me as i have nothing to do(no worries for GD/PI preparation).. Hope in time i will see things clearly but right now they are looking blurry.Best of luck for those who have sailed through…


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9 Responses

  1. soliloquist says:

    u know wat….
    night is darkest just before dawn!
    so dont ever give up
    all d best. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. loserreturns says:

    Me In the same boat Dhiraj…Maybe there is something much better in store for us

  3. dreamer says:

    “The most horrifying thought of all, what if you get into a b school, pass out and then realise that this is not what you wanted..” I really liked this line in your post, the line before this and the one after it.
    When I was in 2nd yr of engineering, I realized it wasn’t my cup of tea. Unfortunately it was too late to do anything by then, especially since I was scoring well and had no other reason to drop out. I’m an MBA aspirant now, but sometimes the thought scares me. What if I get into a b-school and then realize that this isn’t what I should be doing? I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur but is MBA the only way to go about it? This and so many other questions…
    Oh, and all the best for the other results ๐Ÿ™‚

    • jaaliengineer says:

      @dreamer…i do not think mba is the only way to become an TG’s new post for that….and goog luck with those questions(many of which will have no answers am struggling with them myself)and best of luck too

  4. ravsworld says:

    life is not about giving up… its all about trying trying and keep on trying until you cheer up dude…something better is in store for you…have patience

  5. chhannu says:

    success won’t hold ur hand till u would have agreed 2 give up, & yesssss! 2 b an entrepreneur it’s nowhere written 2 complete mba…

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