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The dull and grim placement scenario received a boost after Tech Mahindra visited the campus. It was like a shot in the arm because there were many who were left aside in the placement process and with each passing day the feeling worsens. Needless to say there were more dummies in the paper than the test takers, having said that it was only on the candidates to clear the interview which was technical too(ooooohh!!). A total of 18 students were placed in the company (sigh of relief), and computer science has already started the second round(cheers to them!!). The best part of all this is we are gonna eat at bidhipur tonight and someone else is gonna pay(hurray).

The party at Punjabi Rasoi (PR) as usual starts with booze,booze and more booze with some getting hopelessly drunk even before the party starts. the crowd tricled in at all times of the night and the feast started or rather it crawled with people eating in bunches(since the cooking was slow). People were sneaking with rotis in hand and some stood at the front of the kitchen throughout the night. There were some who lost all the hope of getting any and left(poor souls they must have slept hungry), there were still others who struggled and eat. Ravi for example was at his best, getting rotis where none existed, managed daal from somewhere and if that was not enough he even managed rice.Great work i must admit and we two had a blast (though it was with great help from JP who sneaked rotis in his hands).

Some resolves were broken too.Pradhan for one thought that he would not be drinking. i happen to meet him when i was leaving and he had a peg in his hands.

“Whatever happened to not drinking?” I asked

“Arre yaar khali haath thodi jayunga”.

While people had tough time finding food, the day rather the night belonged to the bengali duo of Dada and Fractal. The two managed to have five persons worth of food and dont ask about dada, he was drowning the sorrow of KKr’s defeat in whisky and coke,literally.

Anyhow the party ended, at least for me and we took our leave. On our way, someone suggested that we take the shortcut which we did.As i climbed the wall and hug that pole which is hugged by Nit ians at some point or other in their college life, i heard someone say-Paneer sahi tha yaar

I almost fall thinking-“@#!@ where was it?”.

The question was put to rest when i read today on facebook-Life is a search for that nonexistent paneer and ever elusive roti. Glad i managed to have roti.

PS- you are free to upload photos, i did not have them at the time of writing.

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3 Responses

  1. loserreturns says:

    Made me remeber the make shift party we had afetr the placenmets..We were placed somewhere around 1:390 in the night and just 2 minutes later our bodies were smelling of gulabjamuns and coldrrinks..we were made to bath in it 🙂

  2. manjulika says:

    Me too reminded of the WIPRO Placements….
    1 in the night and we were partying outside college gates, usually we had to be in the hostel by 8. it was a different day!!!

    The college life , the yearning for job….and once u make through, it all feels so gud.It isn’t a easy fight though.
    But when i look back, it feels great.

    • jaaliengineer says:

      @Manjulika-it certainly feels good and it also means that the rest of the semester would be the best time of my life
      @Lover boy, gulab jamun and cold drink not that bad..placement certainly is the thing that happens to you in college unless of course you meet your soulmate

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