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Second interview of the season and I can tell It went better than the first that I had for XIMB. My interview date was on 23rd march and at 12:30pm time slot. The process started with me assigned a panel number and I had to get registered there first. This is the place where they check your documents and the original certificates. Once the registration was over, the candidates were asked to go for the written case study. There was no GD and the case discussion was a normal one. You are given half an hour to write about two solutions. Ample time though some found it difficult to complete in that period too. My case study was to deal with the downsizing the department of which I am head from a workforce of 20 to 17, the twist was all the 20 people are equally competent.
The case study was over by 2 pm and then I had to wait for around 3 hours before I got an audience with the panel member. There were 3 panel member, one male and two female. The interview was generic in nature and they did not ask about the academics too even though I was a fresher. It went something like this
P1- so Dhiraj, You are from Manipur and have done B.Tech from Punjab?
Me- yes sir.
P3- can you do a comparative study of the two places and tell us about the difference that you saw?
Me- I explained it in detail made around 3 points and was done by that time.
P1- Why do you want to go for an MBA after you have done engineering?
Me- Explained but was not that convincing.
P2- What are your career goals?
Me- explained, two panel members were ok with it and the third one made a face.
P1- what is the currency of France?
P2- Name five currencies that you are familiar with?
Me- answered.
P1- what do you think can be done to help the cause of Manipur?
Me- explained again.
That is it.
Thank you.
The interview lasted for around 12 -13 minutes and I was allowed to do the most talking. They did not grill me on acads; neither did they put any stress. It was a comfortable interview. The question is how can they select me or reject me on the basis of this interview. Anyways hoping for the best and preparing for the next one now.


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  1. imscrewed says:

    Even I had a similar interview on 24th at IMT-G. No grilling. No acads (I am a fresher).I am also wondering how will they select or reject me. Anyway best of luck for the next ones.

  2. loserreturns says:

    No GD!! thats new…Last time when i went there was a GD and it wasa chaos total chaos!

    Much of the selection would depend upon whetrher you scored greater than 96 percentile or not..If u have scored > 96 then u have a very good chance to get through else its a bit tough..I score 95.52 last time and hence…

    Wishing u all the luck bro…

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