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Review-Of Course I Love Till I Find Someone Better.

Of course i love you....

Of course i love you....

This is yet another novel by an engineering student, going by the number of novels engineering students are getting printed it seems they may be the next literature powerhouse for the country. Having said that, this one is different because the author is not a hosteller and hence no stories about ragging, no cribbing about mess food and yes no great tales of friendship (though the author realized that the novel would not be complete without great jay viru type friendship and hence develops one in the latter half of the novel.)

This is a story of a young boy lost, confused and almost anything that is associated with an engineering student. This is a story about young love, Love lost and found again though with a heavy overdose of lust thrown in between. The characters are nicely sketched but some of them are unconvincing for e.g. Shawar seems like a drag. Avantika, the female lead, will no doubt titillate the minds of young boys and that is what the author intends to do. The author was confused with the part he was to play, should he be a stud or should be a self loathing creature but manage to find the balance somewhere in between the two of them.
Set at a brisk pace, the novel is an interesting read but there were incidents which could have been done away with especially the amusement park part.
If you are not doing anything on Sunday and feel lazy to go out then the book might be a good company because the storyline is good, the comments and conversation witty, the sex part is there after every 40 pages or so and hence keeps your interest intact but if you are looking for food for thought type novel then this one is a strictly no no.


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