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Manipur, Indian Army and the Central government

-LPG sold at Rs 1800
-Blockade lasted for 68 days
-Medical supplies ran out

Legislative assembly burnt in Manipur
These may sound like happenings ijn some far off state. unfortunately i am talking about one of the states of india, Manipur.
Time and again, Manipur has been thrown to the brink of chaos by the decision of the centre. Be it the decision to extend the cease fire with NSCN to all the naga inhabitated part of Manipur or granting permission to Muivah to visit his home village in Manipur. It is unfortunate that P. Chidambaram who has shown remarkable competence in dealing with terrorism, has been a complete failure when it comes to Manipur.The reason is plain simple. He has no inkling of the ground realities or feelings of the people of Manipur. It is surprising that the elected leaders of Manipur could not convey the same to him.
While politicians are to blame, media should share the responsibility too. Mediagives over the top coverage to the fact that it rained in Delhi/Mumbai. The respite due to the rains and consequent inconvenience due to logged drains are highlighted and discussed over and over. experts are invited to studio to talk about it. I cannot fathom the fact that while discomfort to some is given such coverage while sufferings of thousands of other(read: People pf Manipur) is criminally neglected.

Delhi and Mumbai ceratinly demand greater attention for they are the heart of nation. this , however, do not justify the step motherly treatment to the people of Manipur. it is unreasonable then to expect people of manipur to stay loyal to the State of India which is now seen more as an occupying force.

The damage has been done but it can be correcetd if there is the will and intention towards the cause.the Government needs to take off kid gloves in its treatment of Nagaland and treat Manipur as an equal. Militancy needs to be reined in but not by brute force but through developmental plans. It may not convert into Lok Sabha seats for but for once do something for the people. It wont hurt i am sure of that.

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What to write about!!!


Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to write. I was not sure what I want to write about but I was sure I want to write. When I first read Sherlock Holmes, I thought that maybe someday I will write detective fiction myself. Detective fiction was my first choice of writing but as I read more realized the depth that can be achieved by power of words.War and Peace
There is popcorn variety (I do not know if this term applies in writing) like Chetan Bhagat, Sidney Sheldon etc. I also had meaningful association with non fiction writers like Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, Robin Sharma. Dale Carnegie has been a huge influence on me. There was a time when I wanted to narrate stories the way he does to win friends and influence people. Then I read biography of Mohan Oberoi and autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi. I want to admit, I never wanted to write biography but I sure wanted someone to write about me sometime in the future. Oberoi’s story was that of a quintessential entrepreneur, one who will spot opportunity where none existed. Gandhi’s story on the other hand looked like a confession of sorts, though it was not confidential and was there for all of us to see (or read). I also had my brushing with literature, with the likes of Tolstoy, Gabriel Marquez and that was also the time when I realized my limitation. No matter how much effort I put in writing, I would never be able to capture the human emotions the way they did. This was a dark time and I thought of giving up writing altogether
That and there was another reason. What will I write about? I was not born into poverty, never had to stole to fill my stomach, never killed anyone. I do not have an exciting job nor can I write about my escapades, so what could I possibly write about. I am just one in a million of faceless population who wake up, go to class, come back, mug up the stuff taught in class and may be something here and there.
After writing all this and after some introspection I finally found something to write about but for that you will have to wait. And see I wrote a post about not having anything to write.:-)

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