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When I saw her for the first time I knew she is my dream girl. She had everything that I have always wanted. The scintillating looks, the near perfect skin and most important of all the dazzling smile; it almost gave her an angel like appearance. Once when I passed her in the corridor of our class, I can smell her fragrance and it almost made me dizzy for I have never been so close to her. I kept looking at her in the class with rapt attention while she jotted down every word the Prof spoke. Oh she was beauty personified. I was content enough just to see her and this way a week passed. Now greed crept in, I wanted more, I was no longer satisfied with her smile and fragrance began to lost that enigma, I now wanted to talk to her. But that was not just possible. Whenever I tried to talk to her it felt like I have lost my voice, for even if I opened my mouth words would not come out. My mind went blank as soon as I was near her.
I thought of many lines to start the conversation with but there was no perfect line for her. Every attempt of mine felt lame and every night I would sleep thoroughly annoyed with myself. Finally I left it to fate, if god wants it, it will happen.
To my surprise God really wanted it for in one class she sat next to me.
Shreya- “Hi.”
Me- “Hi.” Oh! I managed hi without embarrassing myself. This must be my lucky day.
Me- “I am Dhiraj.”
Shreya- “I know.” This line almost gave me heart attack, she not only said hi to me but she also knew my name. I was overjoyed but suddenly my bubble burst for I understood how she knows my name. She must have asked her friend “Who is that creepy pervert who keeps looking at me?” almost in that instant I wanted earth to open and take me in. It is strange though how in one moment I was the happiest guy in the world and the next moment I was wishing for obliteration.
We talked a little that day, mostly about how prof is the most horrible person in the world and crib about mess food and the likes. It was an eventful day in my life, one which I will not forget for a long time to come.

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14 Responses

  1. chhannu says:

    oho! getting crazy haan 😉 i wish u all luck(if u genuinely luv her) 😀

  2. ravsworld says:

    dude… its a sweet begining ……just enjoy such moments and make the most out of next time if you happen to be in similar situation ..
    would like to hear more …

  3. rhythmnarang04 says:

    Dhiraj ji… Make her toughest subject your favourite and strongest one…. Ek achha dost hi doosre dost ki kamiyo ko pura karta hai 🙂

  4. Dipanjan Sen says:

    Sirjee IIT mein jaate hi shuru.. good going..seems ur on ur way to write a novel…

  5. loserreturns says:

    AHem ahem…Nice beginning Dhiraj..Who cares why sh started talking to you…WHat matters is if you end up pataao her 🙂 BEst of luck 🙂

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