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Today is Independence Day and this day would be no different than the 364 other days in the year. There is hype surrounding it for a plain reason that we become independent today. This day marks the end of colonial rule over the subcontinent. There has always been debate surrounding Independence Day celebration. Should we show our military might on this day? Should we show case our new found strength in the field of IT and services? Also there are some who would question the whole exercise? They may be right too.
India as a nation has failed to provide to its citizen. The dreams that were weaved 63 years before do not seem to be turning into reality. The poverty is there and so is unemployment. No considerable progress has been made in the field of agriculture, true that the output has increased significantly but we are well below the potential. Monsoons and famines remain a regular feature that determines the direction of economy.
Add to these problems there are some more now. Some are serious and others are sporadic in nature but they remain problems nonetheless.
Calls for Azadi in Kashmir have got shriller. There have been utter disappointment and Indian State is frowned upon in Kashmir. Kashmir is not alone for there are same feelings in parts of North East India but those states do not matter and hence can be ignored. Maoists have gained prominence in many districts of India and runs parallel government. They collect tax, make their own laws and even enforce them. They may be present in hinterland of India but the reclamation of those territories would be herculean task for the Government of India. Inflation is at an all time high and is eating away the savings of common people. CWG is rife with charges of corruption.
These problems do make me ask”Have we lost somewhere?”
The answer is an emphatic no.
Though we may have been slow and sometimes utterly incompetent but it does not mean that we have lost the way. The spirit of democracy and fairness remains in most hearts today and will continue to remain. We have faced challenges, some really formidable challenges to reach this stage. We have survived an emergency, couple of wars and the future looks rosy from here.
And even if the future looks bleak remember this is the day when we won the right to walk with our heads held high, The day when we won the right to our self esteem, The day which would one day lead to greatness and we will continue to strive for that and settle for nothing less than that. There can be no reason not to celebrate this day and remember this day with pride..

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  1. invincible says:

    I do agree with you, that we are not where we wish to be or we could be,but just want to say….


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