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It all started in the 7th semester in NIT Jalandhar- my alma mater. We were waiting for companies to come in our campus and everyone seems worried coz of the recession. None turned up till November when 2 companies which were the leaders in the CV sector came – The TATAs and ASHLEY. I tried my luck in TATA, but failed. So I was waiting for some other company. We are industrial engineers of NIT Jalandhar, so we didn’t expect much. Any company is fine. But then ASHLEY came and it was the first time in my entire college life that I studied. After clearing through the written tests in PEC, Chandigarh, we went for the interview in Gurgaon. We were all excited seeing the first glance of the corporate office of Ashley. Soon interviews took place and the next 10 days were the happiest of my life. I got selected. After that, we totally enjoyed our last sem in college tension free, and finally joined the company on 5th July.
Coming to Management Development Centre, Hosur (Management Development Centre) was the first obstacle. Nobody knew Hindi or didn’t use it. One guy literally said in Hindi “Muzhe hindi nahi aati” Somehow after lots of efforts, time and money spent, we arrived.
Management Development Centre was a cool place – 4 acres with fully built hostels for GET’s and Executives, Basketball courts, Volleyball court, table tennis, a small Gym, Carom etc. & a green campus. Hosur has an excellent weather. We were on the 7th heaven. GETs of ASHOK LEYLAND – The second best after TATA, and within a year we were going to be deputy managers directly. I never expected this being a low grade student of industrial engineering with 6 point CGPA in NIT Jalandhar. (I still cant figure out why I was selected)
After completing all the formalities of bond etc,. on the first day we had a major shock in the evening. Tomorrow 5:30 am – PT – Major Said. By the way Major is Major Swamy. Management Development Centre is managed by two army personnel – the Brigadier LM Malhotra & Major Swamy. So next day, waking up was the most difficult part but we realized an even difficult thing then. Only 6 bathrooms & toilets for 60 people & we have to be ready in 30 minutes. Somehow we managed and after that we went for PT. After all that was our first lesson in managing.
PT meant running 3 rounds of 500 m track at 6:00 am in the morning. After that, we compulsorily had to play games – volleyball or basketball. Many opted for TT & carom being the least exhaustive. After 40 min of games & PT we had to attain 8 hrs of classes. Initially the classes were fun like the corporate, email and dinning etiquettes. But as we spent 5-6 days, the classes began, were core automobile concepts were taught to us by Mr. Balan Sir. The most exciting 68 yr old bugger. In his 10 days of classes, we learnt many new sentences apart from automobile. Bugger, Bullshit, I will kick your ass, to name a few. Those were the most exciting 10 days in my life.
As days passed, PT & getting up at 5:30 am etc became usual for us but boring. Then suddenly one day rope climbing & balancing came along. Most of the guys did it except 7-8 who were fat buggers, then came the factory visits. There were 2 factories in Hosur & we were to visit them every alternate day when the automobile classes by Mr. Balan continued. Managing all the activities including PT, visits, evening games etc. became very exhaustive & there was hardly any energy left at the end of the day. The Management Development Centre guys took care of that too by providing good food – Most of the North Indians hated it but what do you expect them to make – fishwadas (for Bengali buggers)
After 20 days of training in Management Development Centre, Hosur, we were sent to Chennai. We were totally happy with the facilities there too – Comfortable buses, 3 star hotel. Seems this is how they treat GETs before kicking their ass. We had visits to their Product Development & RND facilities, Corporate Building were all the senior management interacted with us.
Chennai is the place where we got our first salary. I remember the day clearly. It was raining & Axis Bank ATM was about 200 m from the hotel. As soon as we received a call, all of us ran to the ATM as to who would see his account first in the heavy rain. We were totally satisfied. Had a feeling of responsibility for the first time.
Then we visited the ennore plant where I drived my first vehicle – An AL TRUCK.
Finally after the ennore trip, we have come back to Hosur, fully satisfied with the company culture, the training, the facilities, the faculty as a whole. We made friends, interacted with seniors, dozed off in like a 100 presentations.
I am sure to enjoy this training & cheer it for the rest of my life. Cheers to Ashley. Ha!!! We just came out with our Batch Name too:

The AL Mighty

This is a guest post by my batchmate in college and now an employee of Ashok Leyland- Ravi Pimperkar.

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  2. rhythmnarang04 says:

    @jaaliengineer …
    Wow…Thanx for introducing Ashley with non-engineers like me 🙂

  3. ravsworld says:

    First job , first day in office , first salary are always special times in a person’s life which is always etched in his memory lane …
    this post reminded me of my first job ,office,salary,induction and all 😛

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