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Lost in Thoughts

Does it ever happen that you sit to study and hours passed and yet you study nothing? Damn, Daydreaming . Some say daydreaming is good and increase productivity but for me, I am constantly lost in my dreams. So this time around, I thought of figuring out the reason why I dream so much. The answer was simple and did not take much time.

I day dream cause its fun and a nice escape from the mundane details of life. Since I am not bound my thoughts go crazy and achieve lofty heights. I have had some really wacky day dreams.

Some of my wackiest day dreams are

1.Mahatma Gandhi taking on Britishers, Bhagat Singh style. Imagine Mahatma taking offense at someone and beating the crap out of him with that stick of his. I know its wrong to think that way about him but the urge is just too strong.

2. Attending class wearing nothing. Absolutely nothing and just sitting in the class trying to listen to the prof. Don’t know how such a thing entered my mind but it did. And I spent an hour thinking about that dream..Some really productive thoughts.

3.Reaching my workplace in a sports car, opening the door in style and walking out of it wearing tight fit T shirt and jeans to die for. Girls are gawking at me but again this is never going to come true.

Confused what to do!!

Confused what to do!!

Some dreams just confuse me, for example one day I was thinking that if I were to have superpowers what would it be? Believe me I was totally confused. Do I want to be a man of steel like Superman or may be ability to read minds, or keeping a vigil on the city during nights or something altogether different like Sylar (Heroes Fame). I am still confused about this though.

Not all my dreams are wacky, some are good too. For example

1. I also dream of a prosperous India and a world without fear and poverty. No I am not going for Miss India oops Mr India contest (by the way I do not know what Mr India people say cause I have never seen it). This however is one of my dreams that I will be working for.

2. This one is in relation to CWG. Well in one of the classes I was dreaming about taking charge of the project and like a savior organized it so flawlessly that Beijing Olympics seemed unorganized πŸ˜›

But most of this is wishful thinking and sooner or later I will snap out of it but till then I am enjoying it. So if you encounter someone walking on the streets of Delhi lost in thoughts, chances are you have encountered me..

Comment to tell your wackiest dreams..and the good ones too…

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8 Responses

  1. Chets says:

    Wow…!!! Attending the classes naked was wackiest.., hehehehehe. .. πŸ™‚ Keep dreaming more….

  2. Vee... says:

    the thing you said about CWG is a great point. if only your dream comes true, if only! like your template.

  3. invincible says:

    hmmmm….. jago….. hope most of yours day dreams (except the Petriotic ones πŸ˜‰ ) never come true…. As these things can be injurious to your as well as other’s health πŸ˜‰

    • jaaliengineer says:

      @ASV- Could have superpowers yaar..Promise i want harm anyone:(.
      @Ravi- The trait is common..I think the books are to be blamed…:(

  4. ravsworld says:

    Ohh man… even I used to day dream while i was studying… dat too hours at stretch….not a single page of my book was ever turned and my roomie used to remind me about it.. πŸ˜›
    Mostly i dreamt of having powers possesed by many superheroes like spiderman,hulk,nagraj etc.. and saving the world…
    even now sometimes ,especially when I am travelling for longer times I do day dream …

    bdw ur dream of sitting naked in the class put in bouts of laughter… πŸ˜›

  5. rhythmnarang04 says:

    Even i had same problem vid day dreaming but my dreams were very different…….. I used to design business strategies if in future i afford to be an entrepreneur…… dis is i am talking About wen i was in school or graduation. N guess what one of the strategy i designed during my first year of graduation, i got an opportunity to use it. . Coz day dreams are productive. Though was an average student during my graduation but atlast my constant day dream turns out as my aim n by God’s grace now a reality……. M Budding Entrepreneur now πŸ™‚

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