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Crush3- The Proposal

Read Crush 1 and Crush 2 for better grasp.

I was in love with her and there was no doubt about it. I was doubtful of her feeling for there is no way to know what goes on in a girl’s head. Wimp that I am I postponed proposing her. I was afraid of rejection and hence did not take the plunge.
Shreya like most girls was intuitive. I am sure she knew how I feel and she did nothing to lessen the agonizing pain. I sometimes feel she is enjoying my squirming.
Just then the phone rang
Shreya-“Hey what do you think about the dinner tonight?”
“Planning to have it”
“With me”
“I am kool with that”- I tried to sound casual but that undue emphasis on kool gave me away I think
“Lets go someplace nice”- She suggested
“CCD. McD are nice places don’t you think”
“Yes that are but chalo leave it. You meet me at 8 pm and I will decide the venue”-She said taking control..
“Okays . I have no issue”
At sharp 8 pm, I was ready and waiting for her. She reached by 8:30. Whay are they always late I was wondering to myself. Anyways our dinner as planned by her was about to start.
So as per her plan we went to someplace nice. The nice place was a formal restaurant and to say the truth I felt out of place. I am accustomed to dhabas and chaiwallas but this seemed like a place where I may need to use fork and knife to eat. That never goes well with me.
We started talking about normal things, mundane things of our life. She bought yet another “pair of shoes”. I think she says that everytime I meet her. The bitching about her girl friend and I was pretty sure tomorrow morning she will tell her about the outing we were having tonight. But its all fun so long as she is the one speaking it for I am struck by her beauty. Tonight especially she was dressed to kill.
“So when are you going to do it?”
“Do what”
“Propose me. I hope you are planning to do that and I am not wasting time with you”
Startled, I composed myself and came up with an answer of which I will be proud all my life
Hmmm. What am I saying? Say something better. It was like my mind was freezed and I sat there like an utter and total moron.
Kindly she intervened-“Lets make it formal. Would you like to enter into a relation with me?”
She made it sound like a business proposal.
I was stunned for this is not how I imagined it would go. It was all wrong. For starters, I was not proposing her but she was proposing me. I am not a sexist but there are certain domains which should be left to man only. Secondly it was not at all romantic. And I am a romantic at heart. I am the kind who see Notting Hill every alternative week.
By the end of the dinner I was slightly disoriented and in a relationship.
“So what does formal exactly mean?” I asked her when I finally was in my senses.
“It means you can change your facebook status from single to in a relationship. It also means I can call you sweetheart in public rather than in my head”
“You call me that in your head” I was genuinely surprised
“Of course I do Sweetheart.” My heart skipped a beat.
“It was a great day, memorable one”
“I cannot agree more. It certainly was memorable except the part where you surprised me and I mumbled like a retard.”
“That you did.”
“So does being formal means I will get a good night kiss.”
“Noooo. Why do boys always think of sex?”
“Sex!!I was talking about kiss.”
“You know one thing leads to another. Anyway not until you surprise me.”
“Surprise you??”
“Yes with a proposal. What do you think, is this the proposal, the great how I got proposed story, I will be telling my friends?”
“Well i will surprise you.” And with that I dropped her home and walked back to campus.
It was all surreal.

Remaining parts coming soon..

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Crush 2 -in love


Read the first part to get a better hold here

Days passed and I started getting closer to Shreya with every passing moment. We use to have lunch together, sit together and sometime study together (Well she use to study and I use to see her). At lunch, I will spend my time seeing her nibbling at chappati. I was embarrassed thinking of the way how I eat food that is like an animal she on the other hand was picture of elegance.

image courtesy

image courtesy

We use to talk a lot well generally she use to talk and I use to listen. All the time I can feel jealous eyes on me, trying to figure what I did right to be in the company of Shreya.

I could listen to her for eternity. The mundane details, the bitching (Oh yes she does that a lot.). I have lost the count of times when she mesmerized me. It seems when I am with her, I lose the track of time. I was in altogether different world. The way she giggled, that squeaky little noise she made, would made my heart tremor so much so that I was afraid she might actually listen my heart beat.

I wanted to hold her hand, place my arm over her shoulder but never could gather the courage. It was all surreal. I was afraid that someday I will wake up from this dream and rue the fact that I woke up.

I was with her the whole day; if not physically than I was thinking about her and when not thinking about her I was singing songs for her (though not in her presence). I was in love and it seemed like all the love songs were written for us.

thinking about her

I wanted to hold her hand and take a walk on a solitary beach. I wanted to have dinner with her on the terrace under the moonlight. I finally thought I would have to propose her but there was this minor hiccup.

I do not have inkling how she feels about me and the fact scares me to death for there us chance that I might ruin this but it was not possible for me to contain my feelings any longer.

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When I saw her for the first time I knew she is my dream girl. She had everything that I have always wanted. The scintillating looks, the near perfect skin and most important of all the dazzling smile; it almost gave her an angel like appearance. Once when I passed her in the corridor of our class, I can smell her fragrance and it almost made me dizzy for I have never been so close to her. I kept looking at her in the class with rapt attention while she jotted down every word the Prof spoke. Oh she was beauty personified. I was content enough just to see her and this way a week passed. Now greed crept in, I wanted more, I was no longer satisfied with her smile and fragrance began to lost that enigma, I now wanted to talk to her. But that was not just possible. Whenever I tried to talk to her it felt like I have lost my voice, for even if I opened my mouth words would not come out. My mind went blank as soon as I was near her.
I thought of many lines to start the conversation with but there was no perfect line for her. Every attempt of mine felt lame and every night I would sleep thoroughly annoyed with myself. Finally I left it to fate, if god wants it, it will happen.
To my surprise God really wanted it for in one class she sat next to me.
Shreya- “Hi.”
Me- “Hi.” Oh! I managed hi without embarrassing myself. This must be my lucky day.
Me- “I am Dhiraj.”
Shreya- “I know.” This line almost gave me heart attack, she not only said hi to me but she also knew my name. I was overjoyed but suddenly my bubble burst for I understood how she knows my name. She must have asked her friend “Who is that creepy pervert who keeps looking at me?” almost in that instant I wanted earth to open and take me in. It is strange though how in one moment I was the happiest guy in the world and the next moment I was wishing for obliteration.
We talked a little that day, mostly about how prof is the most horrible person in the world and crib about mess food and the likes. It was an eventful day in my life, one which I will not forget for a long time to come.

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Sherlock Holmes Revisited

Sherlock Holmes is an important passage in almost everyone’s life while growing up. Like they say every boy is a Sherlock Holmes sometime in their life. I was one during my HS and developed deducing powers of my own to some disastrous deductions, none of which i am afraid to say came true.

Recently i watched the movie and i had a nostalgic feeling about it. As in I remembered the days when i use to read them like crazy the adventures, the iron clad logic and finally the deduction that were so perfect so i decided to give it another try(my being sherlock holmes:)) and why not? i am older now, more mature and wiser:P)

The only thing left was a subject and this is when i found one, my teacher. The class was as usual boring, i had nothing else to do so and as i sat there understanding nothing at all and pretending that i am understanding everything, i thought might as well sharpen my mind and put to test some theories of my own….Here is how i went about doing this…

1) Observation-She has no idea what she is teaching.

Deduction-She was not a good student and yet she managed to become a teacher. So if nothing works out in my life(which i am afraid to admit is a real possibility now) i can become a teacher too. Also she is not from a very good college and she knows nobody here is listening so i am guessing she is an alumni of our college only.

2)Observation-She wears action shoes with salwar suits.

Deduction-She has no fashion sense whatsoever that means she does not have a boy friend too and that would mean she is lonely and sad and so i cannot expect good marks in this subject too(like i care). Considering the fact that she is from Punjab i am guessing she is waiting for someone from Canada to make a proposal and take her away(its a dream here if you do not know that..Either females are killed in the womb or they dream of making it to Canada pronounced as Kaneda).

3)Observation-Her sweater.

Deduction- This is a sweater that no one in her right mind would wear. So i am guessing there was either very (and i mean really heavy)  sale on it (and even then you cannot help but admire her courage  for it) or it was part of a dare game. Another explanation is and this is a long shot,it was gifted to her by someone who really hated her guts but as i said this is a long shot and i would put my money on sale thing.

Mam(shouts)-you(pointing at me) why are you hiding?

Me-(like a deer in the headlights look up and try to look as innocent as i possibly can)

Mam-ok tell me what am i teaching?what is the class about?

Me-(chuckled inside )she seriously thought i could answer that and i acted like i was recollecting my thought while the whole class looked at me and then after a minute but  what seemed like an hour i managed-“huh”.

Mam-(with resigned look on her face)What is the name of the subject?

Me-“Communications”(bingo nailed it).

Mam-Its Advanced Communication Systems.(getting all worked up).

Me-(OOhh…its advanced…)

Get out…you are good for nothing…And there went my one attendance and 30 minutes of my life all for nothing.

Guys i have narrated the episode and here is my deduction tell me if i am wrong.

Deduction-She really liked a cool handsome guy in college who i am guessing was cruel to her and she is taking that out on me.

Meanwhile playing sherlock Holmes costed me an attendance in the class.

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