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Death of Indian Democracy

Guest post by Dilip Namboodiri.

Mandir toh ban jaayega
Par Ram kahaan se laoge?
Uss masjid ki deewaron ko
Kya pak kabhi kar paoge?
Jis chaukat pe log jale
Ram wahaan na jaayenge
Jin galiyon mein khoon gira
Bhagwaan kya reh paayenge?

Sept 30th 2010 was the second death of Indian democracy!(the first in
1992 when the masjid was demolished).The people who hail the verdict
are either ignorant to fundamental Indian ethos like equality and
secularism or blind to humn logic.

Having lived most of my life in Goa i know that many beautiful
churches in Goa built by the Portugese were built by destruction of
mosques or temples.This happened about 500 years ago,about the same
time that the Babri Masjid was built.If we would go by whims of
fundamentalist Hindus, every second religious structure that belong to
the minorities would be wiped off from India.But this is not the
case.So whats different aout the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya?…..But of
course it is the birthplace of LORD RAM!! (according to the court

How on earth can a court of law give a verdict on a matter of
faith??Aren’t courts supposed to adhere to something called

As i read i come across another discrepancy.The verdict clearly states
that no temple was destroyed and the 12th century temple was in utter
ruins when the mosque was built above it.It then claims that Lord Ram
was born exactly below the dome of the former babri mosque.Now a
temple lies in ruins for more than 200 years.On what kind of evidence
have you deciphered that Lord Ram was born exactly where the dome was
situated?(if at all Lord Ram was born there which in itself is based
only on faith).Records clearly state that the hall and the inner
courtyard were always used by the Muslims for namaaz and the outer
courtyard was used by Hindus.One fine day,in the wee hours of 12th
December,1949, the idol is taken and placed under the central dome of
the mosque and from that day onwards the place under the central dome
is Ram Janmbhoomi.And on September 30th 2010 the court agrees to
it.That’s when ugly turned into ridiculous.Lord Ram,for me,was born on
the 12th of December 1949 exactly below the central dome where a
Masjid once existed.Well,in that sense,i guess the court has got it
spot on.

Now lets forget the verdict.Let’s assume 2 facts .Lord Ram was born in
Ayodhya exactly where the mosque was built and that the mosque was
built by destroying the temple Is that reason to tear down a 500 year
old mosque to shambles and build a temple in place?(My answer is No
but if yours is Yes then i have one more question for you).If a
revered Muslim saint was found to have been born at a place where a
present day temple exists(hypothetically of course)would the Hindus
give away the temple and allow a mosque to be built?The answer,i’m
sure,is a unanimous NO.Then Why the inconsistency?Where’s
equality?Where’s secularism?

Even after the demolition and subsequent rioting,there was an
incorrigible optimist in me that had faith in the Indian democracy
hoping that atleast the judiciary would not disappoint.Alas it has!And
the optimist is dead!


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