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Lost in Thoughts

Does it ever happen that you sit to study and hours passed and yet you study nothing? Damn, Daydreaming . Some say daydreaming is good and increase productivity but for me, I am constantly lost in my dreams. So this time around, I thought of figuring out the reason why I dream so much. The answer was simple and did not take much time.

I day dream cause its fun and a nice escape from the mundane details of life. Since I am not bound my thoughts go crazy and achieve lofty heights. I have had some really wacky day dreams.

Some of my wackiest day dreams are

1.Mahatma Gandhi taking on Britishers, Bhagat Singh style. Imagine Mahatma taking offense at someone and beating the crap out of him with that stick of his. I know its wrong to think that way about him but the urge is just too strong.

2. Attending class wearing nothing. Absolutely nothing and just sitting in the class trying to listen to the prof. Don’t know how such a thing entered my mind but it did. And I spent an hour thinking about that dream..Some really productive thoughts.

3.Reaching my workplace in a sports car, opening the door in style and walking out of it wearing tight fit T shirt and jeans to die for. Girls are gawking at me but again this is never going to come true.

Confused what to do!!

Confused what to do!!

Some dreams just confuse me, for example one day I was thinking that if I were to have superpowers what would it be? Believe me I was totally confused. Do I want to be a man of steel like Superman or may be ability to read minds, or keeping a vigil on the city during nights or something altogether different like Sylar (Heroes Fame). I am still confused about this though.

Not all my dreams are wacky, some are good too. For example

1. I also dream of a prosperous India and a world without fear and poverty. No I am not going for Miss India oops Mr India contest (by the way I do not know what Mr India people say cause I have never seen it). This however is one of my dreams that I will be working for.

2. This one is in relation to CWG. Well in one of the classes I was dreaming about taking charge of the project and like a savior organized it so flawlessly that Beijing Olympics seemed unorganized 😛

But most of this is wishful thinking and sooner or later I will snap out of it but till then I am enjoying it. So if you encounter someone walking on the streets of Delhi lost in thoughts, chances are you have encountered me..

Comment to tell your wackiest dreams..and the good ones too…

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The dull and grim placement scenario received a boost after Tech Mahindra visited the campus. It was like a shot in the arm because there were many who were left aside in the placement process and with each passing day the feeling worsens. Needless to say there were more dummies in the paper than the test takers, having said that it was only on the candidates to clear the interview which was technical too(ooooohh!!). A total of 18 students were placed in the company (sigh of relief), and computer science has already started the second round(cheers to them!!). The best part of all this is we are gonna eat at bidhipur tonight and someone else is gonna pay(hurray).

The party at Punjabi Rasoi (PR) as usual starts with booze,booze and more booze with some getting hopelessly drunk even before the party starts. the crowd tricled in at all times of the night and the feast started or rather it crawled with people eating in bunches(since the cooking was slow). People were sneaking with rotis in hand and some stood at the front of the kitchen throughout the night. There were some who lost all the hope of getting any and left(poor souls they must have slept hungry), there were still others who struggled and eat. Ravi for example was at his best, getting rotis where none existed, managed daal from somewhere and if that was not enough he even managed rice.Great work i must admit and we two had a blast (though it was with great help from JP who sneaked rotis in his hands).

Some resolves were broken too.Pradhan for one thought that he would not be drinking. i happen to meet him when i was leaving and he had a peg in his hands.

“Whatever happened to not drinking?” I asked

“Arre yaar khali haath thodi jayunga”.

While people had tough time finding food, the day rather the night belonged to the bengali duo of Dada and Fractal. The two managed to have five persons worth of food and dont ask about dada, he was drowning the sorrow of KKr’s defeat in whisky and coke,literally.

Anyhow the party ended, at least for me and we took our leave. On our way, someone suggested that we take the shortcut which we did.As i climbed the wall and hug that pole which is hugged by Nit ians at some point or other in their college life, i heard someone say-Paneer sahi tha yaar

I almost fall thinking-“@#!@ where was it?”.

The question was put to rest when i read today on facebook-Life is a search for that nonexistent paneer and ever elusive roti. Glad i managed to have roti.

PS- you are free to upload photos, i did not have them at the time of writing.

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Good Old College Days…

I envy all you people who are out enjoying or partying today. Why ? Because i am not one of you. I am just stuck in the hostel all alone in the winter vacation.This is undoubtedly one of the worst holidays of my life.

As i am sitting here cursing my life for a number of things i cannot help thinking about the good days too. This post is just a recollection of one of those incidents that happened to us when we were in first year. No it is not about ragging. Our college was ultra strict about ragging and so no ragging ever took place inside college campus.

The incident goes something like this:

Our college is situated near the highway and so there are lot of dhabas nearby. It was a common practice among students to jump the wall and go for dinner late at night. While taking this short cut we had to travel through some farm fields before we can reach dhabas and the farmers were angry with students over the fact that some of us would smoke and throw the cigarette in their fields.

One of these nights when we friends were having our normal dinner some of us got drunk and become a little more unruly(which always happen when people drink). Now seniors also use to come to this place and they took offense to juniors behaving in this manner in front of them(like they have set some high standards and they can tell people about behavior when one of them was puking his heart out) and they objected. Needless to say they were drunk too and this led to a brawl between the two groups and we were threatened  ki “aayoge toh college hi na dekh lenge”. I dont know if you knoe this but after you are sufficiently drunk you do things which you should never do not when you are in first year and so one of us said “Dekh lenge tum kya karte ho” (threateninga senior-cardinal sin). But not all of us were drunk and so in view of the above threat we thought it would be prudent if we go a little late and let them leave in case they are waiting for us. So we waited and got pretty late by the time we reached the wall and to our utter surprise we found the seniors waiting there. They easily outnumbered us and that would mean that we were going to get thrashed so instead we went into the fields to search some other way.

As already mentioned some of us were drunk and it was difficult to get them to shut up and this soon woke up the farmers and we heard some curses from the fields and some farmers were visible with their sticks. Swear  to God we were shit scared. If they catch us then the thrashing we would have got from our seniors would have been like partying. Scared out of our wits we ran and finding no way out we started climbing the tall fences only but their was no place to land on the side of college and atop the walls we were easy to spot. Now there were seniors and farmers, could never forget that day. We literally run for our lives and ran on the wall only till we find a decent place to jump inside college. Seniors might find us and spare us but farmers wont.

Thankfully we managed to reach hostel only with some bruises and scratches. It seems funny now that how scared we were but that time i was surprised none of us wet his pants.

Oh will miss these college days for sure.

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