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Crush 2 -in love


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Days passed and I started getting closer to Shreya with every passing moment. We use to have lunch together, sit together and sometime study together (Well she use to study and I use to see her). At lunch, I will spend my time seeing her nibbling at chappati. I was embarrassed thinking of the way how I eat food that is like an animal she on the other hand was picture of elegance.

image courtesy

image courtesy

We use to talk a lot well generally she use to talk and I use to listen. All the time I can feel jealous eyes on me, trying to figure what I did right to be in the company of Shreya.

I could listen to her for eternity. The mundane details, the bitching (Oh yes she does that a lot.). I have lost the count of times when she mesmerized me. It seems when I am with her, I lose the track of time. I was in altogether different world. The way she giggled, that squeaky little noise she made, would made my heart tremor so much so that I was afraid she might actually listen my heart beat.

I wanted to hold her hand, place my arm over her shoulder but never could gather the courage. It was all surreal. I was afraid that someday I will wake up from this dream and rue the fact that I woke up.

I was with her the whole day; if not physically than I was thinking about her and when not thinking about her I was singing songs for her (though not in her presence). I was in love and it seemed like all the love songs were written for us.

thinking about her

I wanted to hold her hand and take a walk on a solitary beach. I wanted to have dinner with her on the terrace under the moonlight. I finally thought I would have to propose her but there was this minor hiccup.

I do not have inkling how she feels about me and the fact scares me to death for there us chance that I might ruin this but it was not possible for me to contain my feelings any longer.

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Day Dreaming

Lost in Thoughts

Lost in Thoughts

Does it ever happen that you sit to study and hours passed and yet you study nothing? Damn, Daydreaming . Some say daydreaming is good and increase productivity but for me, I am constantly lost in my dreams. So this time around, I thought of figuring out the reason why I dream so much. The answer was simple and did not take much time.

I day dream cause its fun and a nice escape from the mundane details of life. Since I am not bound my thoughts go crazy and achieve lofty heights. I have had some really wacky day dreams.

Some of my wackiest day dreams are

1.Mahatma Gandhi taking on Britishers, Bhagat Singh style. Imagine Mahatma taking offense at someone and beating the crap out of him with that stick of his. I know its wrong to think that way about him but the urge is just too strong.

2. Attending class wearing nothing. Absolutely nothing and just sitting in the class trying to listen to the prof. Don’t know how such a thing entered my mind but it did. And I spent an hour thinking about that dream..Some really productive thoughts.

3.Reaching my workplace in a sports car, opening the door in style and walking out of it wearing tight fit T shirt and jeans to die for. Girls are gawking at me but again this is never going to come true.

Confused what to do!!

Confused what to do!!

Some dreams just confuse me, for example one day I was thinking that if I were to have superpowers what would it be? Believe me I was totally confused. Do I want to be a man of steel like Superman or may be ability to read minds, or keeping a vigil on the city during nights or something altogether different like Sylar (Heroes Fame). I am still confused about this though.

Not all my dreams are wacky, some are good too. For example

1. I also dream of a prosperous India and a world without fear and poverty. No I am not going for Miss India oops Mr India contest (by the way I do not know what Mr India people say cause I have never seen it). This however is one of my dreams that I will be working for.

2. This one is in relation to CWG. Well in one of the classes I was dreaming about taking charge of the project and like a savior organized it so flawlessly that Beijing Olympics seemed unorganized 😛

But most of this is wishful thinking and sooner or later I will snap out of it but till then I am enjoying it. So if you encounter someone walking on the streets of Delhi lost in thoughts, chances are you have encountered me..

Comment to tell your wackiest dreams..and the good ones too…

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Sherlock Holmes Revisited

Sherlock Holmes is an important passage in almost everyone’s life while growing up. Like they say every boy is a Sherlock Holmes sometime in their life. I was one during my HS and developed deducing powers of my own to some disastrous deductions, none of which i am afraid to say came true.

Recently i watched the movie and i had a nostalgic feeling about it. As in I remembered the days when i use to read them like crazy the adventures, the iron clad logic and finally the deduction that were so perfect so i decided to give it another try(my being sherlock holmes:)) and why not? i am older now, more mature and wiser:P)

The only thing left was a subject and this is when i found one, my teacher. The class was as usual boring, i had nothing else to do so and as i sat there understanding nothing at all and pretending that i am understanding everything, i thought might as well sharpen my mind and put to test some theories of my own….Here is how i went about doing this…

1) Observation-She has no idea what she is teaching.

Deduction-She was not a good student and yet she managed to become a teacher. So if nothing works out in my life(which i am afraid to admit is a real possibility now) i can become a teacher too. Also she is not from a very good college and she knows nobody here is listening so i am guessing she is an alumni of our college only.

2)Observation-She wears action shoes with salwar suits.

Deduction-She has no fashion sense whatsoever that means she does not have a boy friend too and that would mean she is lonely and sad and so i cannot expect good marks in this subject too(like i care). Considering the fact that she is from Punjab i am guessing she is waiting for someone from Canada to make a proposal and take her away(its a dream here if you do not know that..Either females are killed in the womb or they dream of making it to Canada pronounced as Kaneda).

3)Observation-Her sweater.

Deduction- This is a sweater that no one in her right mind would wear. So i am guessing there was either very (and i mean really heavy)  sale on it (and even then you cannot help but admire her courage  for it) or it was part of a dare game. Another explanation is and this is a long shot,it was gifted to her by someone who really hated her guts but as i said this is a long shot and i would put my money on sale thing.

Mam(shouts)-you(pointing at me) why are you hiding?

Me-(like a deer in the headlights look up and try to look as innocent as i possibly can)

Mam-ok tell me what am i teaching?what is the class about?

Me-(chuckled inside )she seriously thought i could answer that and i acted like i was recollecting my thought while the whole class looked at me and then after a minute but  what seemed like an hour i managed-“huh”.

Mam-(with resigned look on her face)What is the name of the subject?

Me-“Communications”(bingo nailed it).

Mam-Its Advanced Communication Systems.(getting all worked up).

Me-(OOhh…its advanced…)

Get out…you are good for nothing…And there went my one attendance and 30 minutes of my life all for nothing.

Guys i have narrated the episode and here is my deduction tell me if i am wrong.

Deduction-She really liked a cool handsome guy in college who i am guessing was cruel to her and she is taking that out on me.

Meanwhile playing sherlock Holmes costed me an attendance in the class.

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College Days

As the new sem is going to start and this being the last sem I can see the difference in attitude of my batch mates. Every year or every 6 months when we use to return from our home there use to be a dread about the college curriculum and the mess food and the fact that Profs (or nicknamed parasites) would be breathing down our neck. Very soon the race for survival will start (and some of us who were barely making it always feared that this time luck will not shine upon them)and of course there was also this fact that we would be happy to meet our friends after a long time.
This time around nobody talks about home and the syllabus but the bulk of discussion is about how four years have gone by(the answer to which is Counter Strike, Dota, Lots of movies and other unproductive things that you can think of). The discussion would start at Changra (adda for all the college students which might be easily mistaken for a bar if not for the name-“Changra tea stall”) and it would be kind of reminiscent of the fun we had and how we have managed to cram our way through 7 semesters with no noticeable improvement in us(except of course the spirit of query quelled and zeal for education taken away).

Then we would go on to plan about the trips and how we might make this last sem memorable. Shimla,Manali,Kullu,Kashmir, and almost whole of Himachal are high on the list and which we most probably wont be able to take courtesy budget restraint(damn you recession) . You can literally sense the desperation where everyone want to hold on to this time and make it stay forever.We all know what will happen to us once we get out,jobs(if you are lucky to have one),deadlines,responsibilities.

We are afraid that these college days are soon going to be over. I do not know much about engineering but i have learned some real cool stuffs in college and i am going to share that with you.
1. Trusting you friend- You can totally trust your friend to carry you safely back to hostel in case you are drunk enough not to recognise the difference between a dog and a prof and start swearing at the dog. Also a good lesson would be not to reach this stage because you tend to spill your guts out.
2.Jugaad-This might be the most important thing that you can possibly learn in college. Exams tomorrow and have not read anything no problem make cheats of the things that have been taught in class on which teacher have put emphasis and make sure (in case of emergency) that there is enough  waterworks in case you are caught, Want to take girl out to dinner and have no money,no problem steal it from your roomie’s wallet and return it when you have the money no need to tell him that,he must have done that to you hundred times.
3. GPL’s-You wont miss home on your birthdays but your friends will make sure that you regret the day you were born with endless GPL’s. The lesson never hide or move and jump too much during the process otherwise you will get much more than intended.
4. Sleep-Catching up on sleep no matter in which position you are,it might be in lectures,labs etc.
5. Girls-This might be something that most of us will connect to-Repelling the girls away. Do i need to say anymore.

6.Bladder Management-Want to pee but dont want to go to “facilities”-Go to balcony and let the stream flow that is of course its night and dark.

7. High jump-Could not reach hostel on time(who does??),jump the wall and and bribe the guard in case you are one of those who gets caught(chee..shame on you!!could not even trick the dumb guard how will you conquer the world!!!)

8. Swearing-You have not really swear if you have not done it in Punjabi style. The flow,the frequency and endless variety with which it is used here is exhilarating. Swearing is a lost art and only in punjab is it practised the way it was meant to be.

These are some of the things that i have been able to come up with. Feel free to add your experience and i will try to continue to share the experience with you.

PS-Inspired by 3 idiots, want to pee on director’s bungalow(every penny paid to him is the most blatant misuse of taxpayer’s money).

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