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Good Old College Days…

I envy all you people who are out enjoying or partying today. Why ? Because i am not one of you. I am just stuck in the hostel all alone in the winter vacation.This is undoubtedly one of the worst holidays of my life.

As i am sitting here cursing my life for a number of things i cannot help thinking about the good days too. This post is just a recollection of one of those incidents that happened to us when we were in first year. No it is not about ragging. Our college was ultra strict about ragging and so no ragging ever took place inside college campus.

The incident goes something like this:

Our college is situated near the highway and so there are lot of dhabas nearby. It was a common practice among students to jump the wall and go for dinner late at night. While taking this short cut we had to travel through some farm fields before we can reach dhabas and the farmers were angry with students over the fact that some of us would smoke and throw the cigarette in their fields.

One of these nights when we friends were having our normal dinner some of us got drunk and become a little more unruly(which always happen when people drink). Now seniors also use to come to this place and they took offense to juniors behaving in this manner in front of them(like they have set some high standards and they can tell people about behavior when one of them was puking his heart out) and they objected. Needless to say they were drunk too and this led to a brawl between the two groups and we were threatened  ki “aayoge toh college hi na dekh lenge”. I dont know if you knoe this but after you are sufficiently drunk you do things which you should never do not when you are in first year and so one of us said “Dekh lenge tum kya karte ho” (threateninga senior-cardinal sin). But not all of us were drunk and so in view of the above threat we thought it would be prudent if we go a little late and let them leave in case they are waiting for us. So we waited and got pretty late by the time we reached the wall and to our utter surprise we found the seniors waiting there. They easily outnumbered us and that would mean that we were going to get thrashed so instead we went into the fields to search some other way.

As already mentioned some of us were drunk and it was difficult to get them to shut up and this soon woke up the farmers and we heard some curses from the fields and some farmers were visible with their sticks. Swear  to God we were shit scared. If they catch us then the thrashing we would have got from our seniors would have been like partying. Scared out of our wits we ran and finding no way out we started climbing the tall fences only but their was no place to land on the side of college and atop the walls we were easy to spot. Now there were seniors and farmers, could never forget that day. We literally run for our lives and ran on the wall only till we find a decent place to jump inside college. Seniors might find us and spare us but farmers wont.

Thankfully we managed to reach hostel only with some bruises and scratches. It seems funny now that how scared we were but that time i was surprised none of us wet his pants.

Oh will miss these college days for sure.


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